Apple Begins Construction on First Phase of Oregon Data Center


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Apr 12, 2001

The Oregonian reports (via Wired) that Apple has begun construction on the $68 million first phase of its data center project in Prineville, Oregon. The first phase will see the construction of one of two 338,000 square foot buildings planned for the site, but that building will apparently only be partially fitted out for the time being.
The price tag covers the cost of one building and two "data halls" inside. Plans filed with the city and Crook County last summer call for adding a second building and, eventually, 14 more data halls.

There's additional space on the property for more buildings, identified in planning documents in two sections marked "Future Development Area."
Soon after purchasing the data center site in February of this year, Apple opened a 10,000 square foot modular data center to establish a presence there, but with permanent construction now underway Apple's longer-term vision is starting to play out.

Apple has been rapidly expanding its data center capacity at sites around the United States, expanding beyond the company's long-standing sites at its corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California and nearby Newark with a massive new facility in Maiden, North Carolina and now starting to bring its Prineville site online. The company has also announced plans for a data center outside of Reno, Nevada.

Article Link: Apple Begins Construction on First Phase of Oregon Data Center


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Jan 10, 2006
I wonder how all of this equipment will be used.

iTunes & Mac App Store have already run through big events (iOS 6 & Mountain Lion) without much of a fuss, so Apple has to be planning more cloud features for the future in order to be building more data centres (or maybe asian sales are booming but they don't feel like building their datacenters over there).


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Jan 23, 2006
Where I live
How can you say that with no info available.
Well, he did post a link.

But still a dick measuring contest.

Who cares who's the best? As long as both (and other companies) make a conscious effort to be energy efficient, we all win. (and as long as it is a real effort and not a PR ploy).


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Jun 24, 2010
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I see they know that Oregon = Rain.
It's eastern/central Oregon. There's very little to no rain actually. I believe it's 300+ days of sunshine.

Also in regards to the troll post regarding Google data centers, right on Apple's site it says: "Apple’s data center in Prineville, Oregon. Our newest data center, located in Prineville, Oregon, is just getting under way and will be every bit as environmentally responsible as our Maiden data center. At Prineville we have access to enough local renewable energy sources to completely meet the needs of the facility. To achieve that goal, we’re working with two local utilities as well as a number of renewable energy generation providers to purchase wind, hydro, and geothermal power — all from local sources."

In re of efficiency it seems to outpace Google, "Building the world’s most environmentally responsible data centers begins with industry-leading energy-efficient design. Because the more efficient a facility is from the outset, the less energy is required to power it over time. Our Maiden facility has earned the coveted LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. No other data center of this scale has achieved this high level of LEED certification. Qualifying for LEED Platinum certification requires meeting extremely rigorous standards for energy efficiency. The Maiden data center was designed and built from the ground up to meet those requirements."
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Jan 25, 2012

Wonder how energy effient it will be..... Google wins hands down here :-
You may or may not be right about energy efficiency of the centres themselves since I've never seen any info. on that part from Apple, but comparing Apple's and Google's info. on their respective data centre power sources, Apple wins hands down on net energy consumption as its centres are being built along with comparable renewable energy sources offsetting the actual energy use of the data centres.


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Jul 27, 2012

Wonder how energy effient it will be..... Google wins hands down here :-

Inside Street View :-

So, this is where all our money we pour into Mac hardware is going...
I am being sarcastic when I say this and have no plans to do things. And yes I know Google's data centers have very high security. BUT thank you google for making it that much easier for someone to sabotage that data center. :) Yes lets get any potential terrorists a basic map of the data center!!! With full 360 degree visuals!!!! :rolleyes:


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Mar 24, 2004
This is a Joke

There Apple goes again. Trying to get a monopoly on green energy. I suppose next they will get a patent on it and take all the other companies to court to prevent them copying and from going green. Apple=Evil... :mad:


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Oct 19, 2012
I see they know that Oregon = Rain.
Nope. Here in the high desert (I live about 15 miles west of Prineville), it's a very dry climate. We run around 9 inches of rain per year. The big draw for data centers is that it always cools off a lot at night, year round. Even on 90F+ summer days, the temperature drops into the 40s at night.
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