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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by iMule, May 3, 2011.

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    I've noticed that my smart cover magnets have become weaker than the used to be. I remember when I first snapped the cover on and peeled it back to unlock, ther was a tad bit of resistance when unlocking the device. Now, I can hold my iPad on the hinge side and the cover will detach from the face.

    So basically, the smart cover has become more of a novelty than serving its purpose. I'm definitely taking it back as I've had it from day one. I've come to the conclusion that Apple cases aren't for protection as much as they are for aesthetics. The bumper for the iPhone was nice, but scratched the hell out of my steal band. When it comes to Apple, you expect good quality things. I think everything they make is fantastic, I just don't think they're masters of cases.

    Oh, and the iPad 1 case was fairly protective, but the cover didn't latch or strap on.

    I think I've finally came to the conclusion to hold off on Apple's protective cases, covers, and bumpers.
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    If your cover is leather, the loosness could be the break-in of the panel hinge areas. At least, that's what I've observed with mine. I don't have any experience with the plastic one (I'd guess it will be stiffer).

    Mine's never really had more than a tenuous connection with the right side when inverted. It seems stronger now that the hinges have broken in, but it's hard to describe why (not sure I can - it just feels like it). I do have to note I don't carry the iPad upside-down and flat very often...

    All that said, the magnets will not weaken over such a short time (<100 years, min.).

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