Apple Clear Case Issues (Creaks, Bubbles, etc)


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Sep 26, 2019
It definitely looks like small cracks from the bending impact 😬 You’re stripping it wrong.
That’s probably true! LOL
I ended up returning the clear case because of the issue I had. As much as I liked the look and really wanted a clear case with open bottom, I decided to go with the leather case for now, like I’ve done for all my previous phones. I don’t get to see the midnight green now but at least it’s not as slippery and I actually like the aluminum buttons. Makes it feel more premium for me.


Mar 17, 2011
Does the slipperyness go away after use? And will the buttons start being more tactile??? Really thinking of returning because it’s just so darn slippery and the buttons are hard to push. But it just looks so damn good. Dilemma.
After using it for a week it seems to have gotten a little less slippery. The amount of pressure to push the buttons hasn't changed however.


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Apr 10, 2015
Lexington, KY
Currently using the Apple silicone case. However, I ordered the Spigen clear case from Amazon, which looks to be soft TPU material. Obviously that will discolor over time, but it's a gold phone, so it won't be noticeable. It was only $10.99, so we'll see.


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Jun 7, 2012
My wife has this case , I’m actually digging it. It’s pretty easy to take out to clean once needed. It’s clear and can see the beauty of the device lol. Looks nice with the midnight green. No issues here.


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Oct 6, 2015
I have this case for the 11. It is the best option to still show off the color of the purple phone. I dropped it in the garage on the concrete floor. I was so mad it bounced a few times corner to corner then one it’s back. Normally my case would be completely scratched up so I freaked. When I picked up the phone I was shocked to see no marks. I couldn’t find any and I am a stickler for spots, dirt, fingerprints and lint. later in the day as I was wiping off some finger prints I found a tiny scuff. Since the case is so reflective you have to really look and feel it. I am very pleased. If it had been the silicone case it would have been all torn up and scuffed.


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Jun 9, 2008
I know this is an old thread but I’ve been using the clear case for a week and now I’m seeing dust under it, anyone else have this issue ?