Apple Debuts New USB-C Magnetic Apple Watch Charger


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Apr 12, 2001

Alongside the iPhone XR, Apple today released a new 0.3m Magnetic Apple Watch Charger that's equipped with a USB-C connector for the first time.

At $29, the USB-C version of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charger is priced the same as the USB-A version that's long been available.

The USB-C version of the Apple Watch Charger is only available in 0.3m, and is not available in the longer 1m and 2m lengths. It's not clear why Apple has decided to only offer it in the smaller size, but additional chargers with longer USB-C cables could be added in the future.

Apple has been selling Lightning to USB-C cables designed for the iPhone for quite some time, but there was no equivalent option for the Apple Watch, so it couldn't be charged via a USB-C power adapter or a USB-C Mac sans adapter.

The new USB-C Apple Watch Charger will ship out in one business day and will be available in Apple retail stores starting next week.

Article Link: Apple Debuts New USB-C Magnetic Apple Watch Charger
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Feb 3, 2016
the pool
I can go with only my usb c charger instead of both the small 12w ipad charger and the 29w with usb c!

Will probably buy..
I'm tired of carrying around 2 different power adaptors just to charge 1 device ― unfortunately given the length of this model I'll have to wait for something better
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Jan 6, 2002
I’d rather they release a charging block with dual ports for the iPhone and the Apple Watch. I know they have non-Apple power blocks with dual ports but I like to charge with the Apple power blocks to avoid any problems they would blame on an aftermarket power supply should I have any problems.