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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today discontinued the premium Apple Watch Edition line, eight years after its introduction.


The change took place upon the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra at Apple's "Far out" event. Apple Watch Series 7 Edition models are no longer available and there is no Apple Watch Series 8 Edition. Apple continues to offer the Apple Watch Hermès line as a luxury option.

The Apple Watch Edition line had been available since the launch of the original Apple Watch in 2015. Over the years, Apple Watch Edition models set themselves apart with unique casings made of materials like gold and ceramic.

In recent years, the Apple Watch edition had offered titanium casings with an additional, exclusive watch band. The Apple Watch Ultra is now the only Apple Watch to offer a titanium casing.

Article Link: Apple Discontinues Apple Watch Edition
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Sep 7, 2022
I’m thinking that it has to do with not running production for multiple titanium case designs at the same time. They also discontinued the titanium case option for the “regular” Apple Watch.


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Mar 18, 2009
I was wondering if this would happen with the incoming rumour of a titanium 'extreme' version. Pleasantly surprised that the new Ultra takes the 799 price point of the Edition instead of sitting above it at say a 999 price point.
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Jun 30, 2007
RIP. I have an S3 Ceramic and an S6 Titanium and enjoyed them both. Time to find new homes for them as I welcome my Ultra 🤣. Bonus points for Delta Airlines and GoGo Wifi as I was able to watch the event and order the watch for delivery on release day while 30,000+ ft in the air. 🤣🤣
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Sep 22, 2012
I wish they would offer the Series 8 in titanium. I have a Series 5 titanium that I love. I bought it used for a great price and would have liked to eventually do the same with a Series 8 titanium. The Ultra looks amazing, but it's a bit too chunky for my own use.
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Jonas Silver

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May 24, 2020
Far South
I have the last Apple Watch series, the 7. I purchased almost a year ago. But honestly, I am not going to switch watches this year. And when I do it will be for the Hermes series.


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Feb 25, 2009
Wondering if my Nomad Ti bracelet will fit the Ultra. Will find out soon enough. If it does, my Ti S5 is probably toast as hopefully this discontinuation will improve resale value.


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Jul 20, 2011
Makes sense. Why would you want one when you could get a device that's made of the same material but brings more functionality with it, even if you don't plan on taking advantage of it?
My S7 Titanium 45mm weighs 45g vs. 61g on the Ultra model. That's significant.
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Aug 30, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA
weeeell it also disappeared for a year in 2018 with the Series 4, so it hasn't been here the whole time. But given the pricing on the Ultra model, I don't see it coming back.

smoking duck

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Jan 17, 2022
I was looking to purchase my first Apple Watch and was planning to get the 8 titanium (need it because of metal reaction from other types of watches). When I saw the rumours I bit the bullet and bought the 7 in natural titanium last week, with the plan to return it if an 8 was released. I think I may have purchased the last ever Titanium 41mm, from the UK website on Friday night - 30 minutes after I ordered it became unavailable!
It's arriving on Friday, and seeing that there is no series 8 equivalent, and that the updates are minimal, I'm super happy with my decision and plan to keep it!


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Feb 12, 2008
I've had the S5, S6, and S7 Ti and loved them all. It was a good run!!

But I just ordered the Ultra w/orange Alpine and I couldn't me more exited. So glad it's Ti (one of my favorite materials) and so glad it's $799. Can't wait till 09/23!!


Jun 29, 2012
Colorado Springs USA for now
Highly disappointed. I'm wearing an S6 Ti Edition right now. The Ultra is not a replacement. And if you wear one and you're not some sort of hardcore outdoor warrior you deserve to be mocked. Hopefully it will come back. The stainless steel isn't that great.
I have the S7Ti and love it. Bought the aluminum s7 and it looked horrible after only 3 weeks.... both the case and screen looked worse than my several years old s3 so swapped it out for the Ti. I don't mind the size of the ultra but am not a fan of the color.... I prefer black/dark cases. Also not a fan at all of stainless.... not into shiny. I, like you, hope the Ti edition makes a comeback.
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