Apple does have the iWalk-READ


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Jan 3, 2002
Akron, Ohio
This was just put up on the Spymac web site

"Just a short note responding to Think Secret's article on Many of the "facts" they claim are completely fabricated and unfounded, much like many of the stories they run (Of course, Apple rumor sites have to speculate and guess a little, so we can't get angry with them about that). However, when they make up information about other areas, such as our website, we feel obligated to clear some things up:
We did not collect any e-mail addresses for marketing purposes. We made people register so that they would read the disclaimer and to cut down on bandwidth. At the very most, will be sending a single message to those who registered announcing the new, which will be arriving soon.
Further, we did recieve a letter from Jerry Hsu ( from Apple demanding that we take the footage off. The following is what Mr. Hsu wrote:

"We would like to portray our worry that you could be preventing us from having a impacting MacWorld San Francisco, therefore we ask you to remove the pictures and movies of the iWalk device which may or may not be released at MacWorld San Francisco on Janurary 7th from your website.
If this is not followed up legal action will be taken within 24 hours.""


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Dec 30, 2000
Umm doesnt say much at all, Apple has done Legal requests on quite a few hoax products just to make some confusion....

I personally dont think the iWalk is true because it is not beyond the future or pass a PC..or even beyond rumor sites because its on one!....

It may be a development of a older product, but if check trademarks for Apple iWalk isn't existant!


Yeah, Apple does that kind of stuff to confuse people. Just because a cease and desist is sent out doesn't mean the product is real (been there, done that, framed the email).

It is interesting though, that they weren't hit straight out with a cease and desist - they got a letter from an Apple employee threatening legal action. I've never heard of that happening before (but that's not to say it hasn't).


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Jul 25, 2001
Very good....

Before this was posted people wrote... "Hey they never said it was Apple Legal that told them to take the stuff down so they are just full of it..." Blah Blah Blah...

Now you say "Hey this doesn't matter... Apple Legal does that kinda think all the time" Blah Blah Blah...

Lemme guess if Steve does come on stage monday with an iWalk in his hand (and I'm not sure that he will but I will admit that I'd be a happy man) you guys are still gonna stick to your guns aren't ya... Those G4 Cube pics were all a hoax too I assume... :p

Sheech... Guys... An OPEN MIND isn't a bad thing you should give it a shot.



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Jan 5, 2002
what a bunch of bull...

I just checked the spymac site to make sure the rediculous wording of the alleged letter from Apple wasn't your typo. That piece of junk is barely written in english.


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Feb 24, 2001
It must be true

No one on the internet has ever lied or pretended to be someone else.Oh my god Apple Legal just told ME to remove THIS post,look I have proof:
"Remove this post or legal action will be taken-Apple Legal" I better do as they say.
(In case you didn't catch it,this was sarcasm)

Steve Jobs

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Jan 6, 2002
Hey, before you all start to believe this bull, let me tell you something. THIS iWALK THING IS FAKE!

1. The name iWalk is rediculous. I would never come up with this name.
2. We are not coming up with a Palm type product.
3. This iWalk is not beyond the functions of a PC.

So just wait 1 more day and I will show you all what is happening.

Steve Jobs


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Jul 18, 2001

!!! IT IS FAKE !!!
Get over it ! It looks like a plastic pooh !


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Dec 20, 2001
For a while, I tought this was real, just by looking to the movie realism, I just tought that wasn't a fake. But , i change my mind, I'm not waiting for it on tomorrow, even next time. However, As you already said before, this device doesn't show what these slogan really want to mean. u know, Compaq already did it 2 years ago with Pocket pC... and a lot of company are coming up with their own PDA. Therefore, it's not the time yet for Apple to release something like that.


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Dec 20, 2001
Originally posted by sparkleytone
if apple legal truly did demand this, then you wouldnt be able to see the pictures and movies on the bigger news sites such as cnet.

ACtually, you're right, it wouldn't be possible to get these images on such a well-known site as cnet. So, is this guy lying to us??? ... I don,t care, i,m just waiting for tomorrow! It still the only source we can count on!