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Apr 12, 2001

Apple Expo 2008 took place last week from September 17-20th in Paris, France. The European expo drew few headlines in the U.S. press due to the lack of participation by Apple. TechRadar UK provides a report from the expo floor and found that there were a good mix of vendors:
The mix, though, is good. Where past shows have been too easily swayed towards the iPod or iPhone at the expense of the core Mac business, this year we were delighted to note a good mix of the practical, the wacky, and the lifestyle.
Products of interest highlighted by TechRadar:

- Griffin AirCurve - acoustic amplifier that turns your iPhone into a no-power-drain alarm clock on your nightstand, or a mini sound system that never needs batteries or adapters.
- Griffin Clarifi - iPhone case with built-in macro lens
- Sweetcover - Mac laptop cases
- RealMac Software's LittleSnapper - Mac software to capture, organise, annotate and share screenshots from your desktop and the web.
- VMware's Fusion 2.0 - virtualization software for Intel Macs, allowing them to run Windows
- Iomega's eGo Helium Portable Hard Drive - MacBook Air styled external hard drives
- MacAlly's Mirage - iPod nano case with reflective mirrored finish allows iPod screen to show through when it's turned on.
- MacAlly PowerLink - 3-in-1 battery pack, data sync, flash drive for iPod and iPhone

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Sep 27, 2004
Knoxville, TN (USA)
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I wonder why there was a "lack of participation from Apple"?


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Mar 1, 2008
some neat little gadgets. i will have to check these out. any personal recommendations from anyone in the forum?


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Oct 14, 2005
Some innovative products there - the PowerLink is a great idea, definitely consider one of them if I need a new flash drive


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Sep 15, 2008
not bad

the lense looks cool, but I really wonder how well it works? Things like that always look a lot better on the website. The sound amplifier is a good idea. I will wait till there are some reviews up before I drop any more money.


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Feb 26, 2008
Interesting products.

I am an OIF vet who suffers from PTSD. I freak out as it is when my Iphone goes off as an alarm right now so I am not sure if I can handle amplifying my phone with that alarm clock by Griffin. My wife wants to get it though..... because its "pretty!" *PSH* Women!

I see a future... not too distant from now... much like yours and mine..... except my iphone is in pieces on the floor and I am standing above it smashing it repeatedly with the griffin alarm stand. Grrrrrrr!


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Jan 26, 2003
Where past shows have been too easily swayed towards the iPod or iPhone at the expense of the core Mac business

Welcome to great moments in understatement.

I wonder why there was a "lack of participation from Apple"?

The aforementioned understatement should address that. Macs are only highlighted by Apple nowadays when and where they work out as iPod/iPhone accessories.


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Apr 1, 2008
I could really see me buying the Griffin Clarify case somewhen. Seems like a really neat idea! But first I need to buy an iPhone.


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Dec 29, 2007

AirCurve or whatever the hell they're calling it: what crap.

Firstly, while the iPhone speakers aren't bad -- relative to other cellphones -- it hardly makes sense to "amplify" them. They're not "good" enough to warrant that. And strictly speaking, it's not an "amplifier" in any accurate sense of the term, since it's really just concentrating the sound -- not amplifying it. It's like a megaphone, basically. It's not like it's creating more sound -- it's just directing it in a particular direction.

The BS claims about the macro lens are equally pseudo-science. They throw in a filter (which may or may not suit what you're shooting), and they say that it "enhances" colors.

Never really had a problem with Griffin before, but it looks like they're just hawking merchandise that belongs in 3AM television ads. Really terrible gimmicks at a premium price.


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Apr 7, 2005
Alpine, UT

The aircurve actually seems pretty slick, and at $19.99 an awful lot cheaper than an iHome. If only you could order a 2nd 'Headrest' for tipping the phone sideways so you could watch a movie AND listen to it at the same time (if you don't have headphones, of course). Currently, it's either watch, OR put the speaker to your ear.


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May 23, 2008
Artist: Madcon
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and just to be complete on this...
original artist: Frankie Valli

the song got a lot of airplay when Pilooski did a new mix of the song.. with this cover following it.
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