Apple geniuses can't see the issue?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Alugo123, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Hi, this is my first thread, its a bit long so i apologize but i really need help. I went to the apple store a week ago after getting a warranty replacement for screen uniformity issues so I noticed my replacement is a little better than my last ipad pro but still isn't uniform and this is my 4th ipad pro. All the ipad pros i had have uniformity problems with one side being pinkish looking with true tone on and the other side with a bluish tint. My other returns were from best buy so it wasn't like I kept going back to the apple store. This is my first replacement from the apple store and when I made an appointment for my 4th ipad pro. The genius inspected it this time which I wasn't expecting him to do that cause the last genius I had when I was on my 3rd ipad pro, didn't inspect it. I told him it wasn't uniform and it was distracting. He just ran a diagnostic and ran a screen unifoirmity test and it failed so they agreed to replace but this time a different guy inspects my replacement and shows the manager too but says he can't find anything wrong with it. I pointed to him where the uneven tint was. I said "it could be the bright lights making it hard to see", the guy said "no when I cleaned the screen off in a dim room I still couldnt see what your talking about " but he ran a diagnostic on it but this time he didn't actually take the uniformity test like the other guy did he just ran a normal test and said it passed so I don't know if my eyes are playing tricks on me or what but this ipad is a little darker at the bottem and theres a slight bookspine effect on the side that is more noticeable with true tone on as it looks slightly pinkish with it on on one side and on the bottom. I can' t remember if I had true tone on when showing him or not but I turned the brightness down and he and the manager still couldn't see it so they refused to replace it and I left the store disappointed, I even showed him photos I took at home of it but anyway has anyone else had this experience with a genius who couldn't see the problem? What do u do after this?
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    If you are not happy with the service you received, call Apple Support (if possible in your country) and escalate the problem.
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    What BasicGreatGuy said. Don't let the Apple Store idiots tell you what's what. If you're not happy and you forked out for the AppleCare, keep fixing it until it looks right to you. I'm typing this on an iPad that has little spotlights/light leaks all around the display. Any flaws in the display get more noticeable over time. Good luck.
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    Not that it helps any, but I've noticed that flaws in iPads are a lot easier to see than flaws in iPhones - I imagine because of the size difference. I've had iPads that were so pink that everyone could tell. I had one iPad that had light bleeding out of 80%+ of the bottom. Both were replaced without question by Apple. After that, however, I've just started to live with it and I've had iPads even with slight problems give me years and years of service without issue. Some screen "problems" become less pronounced after months of usage. But like AmazingRobie said - if they are spots or light bleeding, those usually don't get better (in my case, it was a yellowing issue that corrected itself over time).

    I just get AppleCare+ and if I can't stand it, usually Apple replaces it no question.

    I recommend trying a different Apple Store too. The Apple Stores closer to LA - I've had horrible treatment from and Geniuses that claim there are no issues when there are glaring issues only to have an Apple Store (closer to where I live, 2.5 hours north east of LA) replace it with no questions asked.
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    I would go back to the Store and speak to them again. End of the day, you are the customer and not happy. Demand a better solution.

    Best success!

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