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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by efp722, Apr 20, 2016.

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    Looking for some help to understand my options. Currently, I have an iPhone 6 Plus 64GB with a cracked screen. I know that apple has 2 different options (trade up and have a low monthly fee or just straight finance with a yearly upgrade and pay $35-45 a month for 12 months) for upgrading through them and avoiding my carrier. I am currently in a 2 year contract with Sprint and do not have the option for a new 2yr upgrade nor do I have the option to finance through them (signed contract last summer so Spring upgrades won't be available for a while I assume).

    I am looking for either an iPhone SE 64 GB or a 6S 64GB.

    I see that apple will allow me to trade in my current phone towards a 6s and only pay $16 a month. I would have to assume that the damaged to my phone will be taken into consideration. Question is, do they just knock the value down and my monthly payment goes up a few dollars, or does it leave my device not eligible for the trade up?

    But I also see that I can trade in my device, which is valued at $200 through their website, for a gift card that can be used in store. Is my only option to take $200 off the list price of the phone (example: taking the SE fro $499 to $299) and just buying the phone out of pocket? Is there a finance option available after I use the gift card?

    Has anyone been in a similar situation? Can anyone share their experience?

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    Your monthly payments don't go down. Apple actually just puts the estimated value in your bank account. In other words, if your 6 plus is worth $200 to them, you get that via ETF and will buy a new phone via Sprint financing or the iPhone Upgrade Program. Your payments will just seem lower if you factor I the 200 you got in your bank account.
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    Huh. Interesting. Thanks!
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    Dunno if this is an option...go to another carrier..some will buy out your contract
  5. rigormortis, Apr 21, 2016
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    so you don't think its worth going to the apple store to have the screen repaired for 129?

    do you have an " iPhone forever program " ?? then that phone is leased and you never own it unless you pay for all your payments PLUS pay the final value fees, if the iPhone was leased as an "iPhone forever" you have to fix your screen and give it back to them

    the screen is up to you. i feel that its worth paying sprint off and getting that phone unlocked. then it can be used on AT&T, verizon and t-mobile and sprint. last year companies were knocking off $120 on your trade in offer if you sold them a "sprint" phone and not an "unlocked" model

    if it was unlocked and a new screen, it might be worth twenty to fifty extra dollars on swappa

    the greatest thing about the apple trade in offer is they treat all iPhones fairly. they don't simply rip you off because you are selling them a "T-Mobile" version and not an "AT&T" version, despite the fact that its the same exact phone, or because you have a "sprint" phone and not a "verizon" despite the fact that it would work unlocked

    maybe a good screen and unlocked would fetch $150 more on swappa? I'm looking at boneyard prices.
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    I believe if you're still under Sprint contract, Apple won't let you trade in your phone unless you pay off the phone first.
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    Technically you can't avoid your carrier since the trade up plans are for carrier phones only. So you will have to return that phone to sprint or pay off what you before you can apply for that program with apple.

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