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trade in

  1. Ameer_1

    Apple Store iPhone Trade-in yearly vs two year

    I usually upgrade each year but I'm starting to look at the price difference between yearly and two-year upgrades. Apple Store Price If I had traded in my 14 Pro 128GB it would've been $429 and with tax $456 If I had traded in my 13 Pro 128GB it would've been $519 and with tax $552
  2. C

    iPhone 15/Plus Am I being overtaxed by Apple

    I’ve noticed a change to Apple Trade-In policies in Canada. In the past, when I received a trade-in refund, it consisted of the promised trade-in value plus tax. The effect was that I only paid tax on the net cost of the device, not the full retail price. This year I only received the promised...
  3. Ameer_1

    iPhone Upgrade Program vs Trade In

    Hello everyone I usually upgrade my iPhone each year I was wondering which is a better deal? From my calculation, if I was to trade in the Pro 128GB each year it would be $570 with the remaining $429 basically each year For the iUP it's $50 per month which is $600 per year most likely $700 with...
  4. C

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Two trade in boxes for iPhone and Watch. Which is which?

    Hi, two cardboard trade in boxes arrived at the same time with my new iPhone and watch. There's a unique customer reference number on each label but I don't know how to match that with the correct item. Can anyone help and explain how I figure out which box to send which item in?
  5. C

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Cannot Trade in current models ?

    Hi Folks, For as long as I can remember, every year I trade in my current phone directly with apple just before the new ones are released. This year, it says that apple are not allowing trade in of the current models. They only allow trade in up to the 13 series phones. Any reason why this is...
  6. MaiKAimer

    iPhone 12 iPhone erase data duration

    I am about to trade in my old iPhone 12 so I decided to erase all settings and >60GB content on the phone. I followed the instructions in settings and clicked Erase iPhone. The white Apple logo appeared and the whole erasing process finished in like, 1-2 minutes? After this super short period...
  7. J

    iPhone 14/Plus Best Buy Trade In - Good as previous years? Verizon

    I bought my iPhone 12 Pro from Best Buy when it launched. They price-matched Verizon’s advertised trade in for my XS ($800-1000, don’t remember the actual value), and instead of doing 24 month bill credits, I got the trade in value taken off the price of the phone then and there, and put the...
  8. P

    Other Trade in question

    So I'm wanting to trade in my iPhone 12 to get credit and then finance an iPhone 14 Pro. I have a very minor crack on the screen that I'm getting repaired tomorrow (I still have AppleCare so it won't be much). But that aside, there are a couple of dings on the edges....which are mainly visible...
  9. AlexJ092

    iPhone 13 Pro Max UK trade in?

    It’s that time of year again and it’s time to trade in our iPhones (if you’re upgrading). I am just curious where everybody trades their iPhones in? I usually use music magpie but after some trouble last year I am reluctant to do that again. Good luck with your new iPhone preorders!
  10. T

    Carrier Has ATT Changed Their Trade-In Promos?

    Like many here, I am getting ready to upgrade when the new iPhones 14 come out. For the past two years, I have alternated upgrades between eligible lines on my plan. Essentially, I have made down payments at the time of purchase, that, when combined with the monthly credits that ATT offers...
  11. F23

    Sell 12.9 iPad Pro & Mac Mini for 14" 2021 MBP?

    I have a 16 inch 2021 MBP. Also have an M1 Mac Mini (worth $360 resale), and a 12.9" 2021 iPad Pro (worth $670 resale). The Mac Mini & iPad were my daily drivers, until I got the 16 inch MBP this April. Now I don't use the iPad anymore. Mac Mini is hooked up to 49" Samsung Odyssey G9. I use...
  12. L

    13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 Trade In

    Hi, So I’ve had a 13 inch MacBook Pro for 3 years now and towards the end of its life I’ve seen an increasing amount of problems with the battery and processor. In last the month I’ve had the battery replaced twice because of issues with it and the computer has just not been living up to my...
  13. KevinAPearson

    Mac mini i7 trade in problems

    I've just had a really strange trade in problem using Apple web site. I've upgraded my 2018 i7 Mac mini to the M1 version. I thought I'd use the trade in service from the Apple web site as it was really easy with my old iPhone. I went through the process entering the model and serial number...
  14. tekfranz

    Other Carrier Pricing vs Apple Pricing for Yearly Upgrades. What is the Math long term?

    So in 2021 the carriers gave customers $1000 or so off of an iPhone Pro. It is in monthly installments so about half of the iPhones are paid for by the time a new iPhone comes out. At that point a customer could switch carriers and get the next iPhone for free, presumably. Meanwhile Apple has a...
  15. A

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Why won't Apple honor contracts between consumer + their website?!

    I ordered a phone on November 6th online and was offered $790.00 to trade my existing phone in (trading iPhone 12 ProMax for 13 ProMax) - Mind you my phone is less than a year old and battery drains so fast. Have troubleshooted and no help from Apple care. This phone was backordered 3-4 weeks...
  16. J

    Carrier Issues receiving Verizon bill credits after iPhone 13 Pro upgrade

    I'm not really sure where to turn at this point... I preordered the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro (two of them, actually) on day one of pre-orders. My wife and I traded in our iPhone XR's in the process. Being a bit of a skeptic, I actually screen-recorded the entire process (purchased through the Apple...
  17. Graybeard7

    PSA - Deauthorize Your Computer B4 Trading In/Return

    Sharing this in the hopes of keeping someone else from going through this nightmare. I traded in a MacBook Pro at the Apple Store for the 14". I then realized I preferred the 16", later realizing I needed a higher specced 16". The 3 computers were wiped by Apple employees at the Apple Store and...
  18. ouneday

    Other Apple Trade In

    I have an issue w Apple and was looking for some advice: I recently upgraded to the 13 pro iPhone (I upgrade annually w the Apple Upgrade program) I received my trade in kit and sealed up the phone and took it to my local FedEx Shipping station only to receive this email from Apple: “ When we...
  19. T

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Question: Trade-In to Upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro Max

    Hi there, I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and traded in my iPhone X on pre-order day. I purchased my iPhone 13 Pro Max from the Apple online store on Friday, September 17. I have always used AT&T, and I and specifically chose to trade in on Apple’s website with AT&T in order to get the $800...
  20. E

    Can’t trade in during purchase ???

    Can we not trade our old MacBook during purchase anymore ? Also I typed my maxed out 16 inch i9 and it doesn’t even show up but every other does I only see i7 2.3 not i9