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Apple iPod and iPhone Patents?


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Apr 12, 2001

Macsimum News reports on more recent patent applications made by Apple which provide hints that they have been working on wireless iPod/iPhone technologies.

The most recent application reveals methods to use a portable wireless device to purchase digital media items over a phone interface over cellular networks or wireless data networks.

Also described is the use of a browser to interface and select songs, and also discusses the sale of RingTones as well. Apple had previously been rumored to be looking into introducing RingTone sales into the iTunes Music Store but this feature was reportedly cancelled.

Another recent patent application describes an audio interface for the iPod and other portable devices, giving users text-to-speech feedback.

The audio prompts provide audio indicators that allow a user to focus his or her visual attention upon other tasks such as driving an automobile, exercising, or crossing a street, yet still enable the user to interact with the user interface.



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Mar 12, 2004
I wonder if they could use Disney's movie beam technology to bring movies into your ipod, behind the curtain, this would probably use a lot less battery now that Jobs is now on Disney's board would be that hard to do. My moveie beam antenna really isn't much bigger then my ipod, plus being outside the signal would probably be better anyhow.


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May 13, 2005
should i upgrade my mobile now (another 12 months till i can change) or wait for iphone? i recon it will be at least 12 months till release, but what do you think?


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Jun 4, 2003
Nice to see some iPhone rumors again, as I think this could be a very solid product for Apple. We've seen 3rd party iTunes phones not fare so well, and I think Apple could really improve on others' shortcomings and release a solid product.

I also think it would be huge if Apple became an MVNO. :eek: :cool: Hmm, I wonder how many people will have to look that term up... haha...


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Apr 18, 2003
RI -> CA -> ME
I wish this was true, I am looking to get one of the Sony Ericsson w810 phones when it comes out, but if Apple had one coming, I might look at that intead.

Besides, my 3g iPod could use an update, my music library is 55+ gigs and the 30gb doesn't cut it anymore and the GPS could be fun.


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Apr 28, 2006
Washington, DC
I'm kinda weary of Apple really getting into the phone business. The iPod was so big in part was because it was original in it's unique way (not saying there weren't other portable music devices). Everything on that list is available now for not a lot of money. I'd vote to stick with what ya got, Apple.

Mac Fly (film)

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Feb 12, 2006
jzeiders said:
I'm kinda weary of Apple really getting into the phone business. The iPod was so big in part was because it was original in it's unique way (not saying there weren't other portable music devices). Everything on that list is available now for not a lot of money. I'd vote to stick with what ya got, Apple.
Your entitled to your vote but I'd say your on your own. Apple is good a taking the right risks at the right time. The iPhone is a natural progression for Apple, and one with too many big(huge) rewards to pass up! Plus in 10 years phones will be so good there'll be no reason for people to buy mp3 players, and most wont want two devices. Sure in the short term 3-5 years, the iPod will be so good with such big storage that people will probably have one for their music collection. But what about people who like to have a good amount of songs with them at all times, and don't want to carry their iPod everywhere. That's the space the iPhone fills, and that's why apple has no choice but to do something in this field.
If Disney can become an MVNO, apple can too! And it would be great. Alot of people said they can't make a Hi-fi but the did, and did pretty good job. It will happen, it has to happen and people will line up an get their wallets out, myself included.:)

Analog Kid

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Mar 4, 2003
I'm becoming increasingly convinced that Apple isn't getting into phones. It's starting to look like Apple spent some time brainstorming a few years ago then dropped the idea but moved to protect some innovative concepts.

That's the only reason I can think of as to why we're seeing the applications before the products-- Apple has stopped trying to keep them black.

Can anybody else think of a time when we saw the patents before seeing the product on the market? Granted, a cell phone design would take longer to work out than most of Apples stuff because it's so different for them-- but there are ways to keep patent applications unpublished for years and Apple isn't.


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May 26, 2005
Rampaging Tokyo
Well, true or not, I would be happy to purchase a phone made by apple.

Somebody has to show Motorola how to develop an interface......


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Apr 19, 2006
what's the deal? Are they making an ipod with a phone on it or a phone with an ipod on it? The ipod is going into a class of its own and it ***** down all of its competitors. Is the ipod a monopoly?


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Feb 17, 2006
nothing indicates iPhone

None of these applications indicate an Apple produced iPhone - just that they want to port their existing software/services to 'some' cellular platform.


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Apr 27, 2005
San Francisco, CA
blueimac'00 said:
what's the deal? Are they making an ipod with a phone on it or a phone with an ipod on it?
It depends, do you see the glass half empty or half full? :D

Is the ipod a monopoly?
No, not even close. The iPod's market share is 85% (or near that). While Apple clearly has the majority, there are plenty of other mp3 players out there.

me hate windows

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Jan 18, 2002
It will have to be amazing for me to give up my k750i. Or my k800i if I get that before the rumored Apple Phone appears.


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Feb 9, 2006
Salt Lake City
Speech to text technology would be cool, now that my Griffin iTalk isn't compatible with the 5G and presumably next generation iPods.

Maybe this is a sign, I was thinking of investing in the Treo. For me, the killer new feature for the iPod is SMS capability, I'll pass on the ringtones.


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May 5, 2006
FOR ME, the features that they were telling which the ipod phone will have, is MEDIOCRE. or so lacking. COME ON APPLE, you have to at least make a phone better than what NOKIA is doing. NOKIA's SMARTPHONE is the bomb. TONS of FEATURES, really really good. BUT FROM WHAT IM READING, apple is doing a phone that does nothing but to play music and to call. THEY ARE MISSING TEXT MESSAGING, integrated camera, video recording, bluetooth, gprs, etc. IF THEY WILL BE MAKING A PHONE, just a standard phone, not a SMART FONE but a FASHION FONE, then i'm a bit worried. DO YOU GUYS KNOW NOKIA'S FASHION FONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A CIGARETTE LIGHTER OR A LIPSTICK? WHICH DOESNT HAVE A KEYPAD, but only a scroll button? GRRR. ITS UGLY. WELL, IM TALKING ABOUT THE USABILITY, its not a good phone or a good fashion phone for me. AND APPLE, i have this feeling that they would be making an ipod PHONE without KEYPAD too! and that would be scary. I have this feeling that ipod phone won't be succesful. MY INTUITION has always been right.
I would hate for Apple to get in the phone business.

I work for a top tier cellular service provider in the US.

The typical consumer has some serious misconceptions about their phones. To put it simply they think they are free, or a low value item.

The typical consumer does not really grasp that the free cell phone they got is a complex piece of electronics that cost somebody well over a hundred of dollars (or more). However since they didn't pay for it they think it has no value. They don't treat them with any kind of respect. My stores get 20 people or more a day that visit us and tell us that the phone is a piece of crap. They have dropped it a hundred times and tried to flush it down the toliet. But hey it's free, I'll just go back to the cell phone store and get another free one.

Now, I understand that people who pay a couple of hundred bucks treat their phones a little better. But that that much better. We still see those customers coming back in with their phone that's been abused thinking it's ok to get another one.

The culprit is the business model that most US companies use. The 2 year contract with a huge price discount making the phone free, or really cheap. When people need a phone before that two year period is over they are screwed.

My whole point is that the Apple phone would have to compete in this environment, with the same customer mentalities. I really would hate to see them get in this arena. I think it would crush the current quality reputation of their products.

Don't believe me? Just ask your friends. I would bet that the vast majority would say their cell service sucks and their phone sucks. It doesn't matter which carrier or phone brand. I don't mean the gadget freaks, the average people.

Sorry for writing a book :)
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