Apple Launches 3G iPad 2 in China

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Dow Jones Newswires briefly reported earlier today that Apple would begin selling 3G-capable models of the iPad 2 in China on Wednesday. With it now being Wednesday in China, sales of the device have officially begun for immediate shipping.


    We noted earlier this month that Apple had received certification for the device and was expected to begin selling it soon thereafter.
    According to earlier technical documents, the device is a standard GSM model compatible with China Unicom's WCDMA network. China Unicom is currently the only official iPhone carrier in China, although China Mobile and China Telecom are reportedly close to gaining the rights to offer the device.

    Article Link: Apple Launches 3G iPad 2 in China
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    collingswood. nj
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    Chinese people maybe?

    It's great that Apple is expanding into the Asian markets. The fact there's 1.2 billion people in China means China could potentially become a more important market than North America, or Europe to Apple.
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    Stockholders, customers, and Macrumors posters who mock everything.
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    somewhere else
    ... component vendors, app developers, content creators, the Chinese government, retail store employees in mainland China Apple Stores, accessory manufacturers ...

    ... Samsung, HTC, RIM, LG, Acer, Asus ...
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    Good answer. :)
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    Oh boy. Well, there goes the neighborhood.
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    anybody in the world outside their tiny bubble
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    Too bad it would cost more than a fortune for them.

    Just kidding, I'm sure this will sell well in the largest potential market in the world.
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    The trade in illegally imported iPads in China has been brisk, so this is a welcome announcement.

    Though the lower class in China still works for less than $10 a day, the growing middle class are as high tech as anywhere in the world. Apple will do very well with the iPad in China.

    Could easily double sales numbers...


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