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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is hiring Siri Annotation Analysts with fluency in a number of languages that are not currently supported by the voice assistant, suggesting that a major expansion of Siri's availability is in the works.


Apple's office in Cork, Ireland is hiring people fluent in Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Croatian, Greek, Flemish, Romanian, and as ThinkApple points out, Polish. Apple is also hiring people fluent in Indonesian and Vietnamese out of a Singapore office.

As described in job listings, Annotation Analysts that work for Apple listen to and transcribe snippets of Siri conversations to evaluate Siri's responses.
As an Annotation Analyst, you'll listen and transcribe audio files and evaluate Siri's response and language usage, from customers who have opted in to the grading program. You'll use your language and cultural knowledge, along with analytical skills, to evaluate responses against guidelines.
These kinds of Siri evaluations were previously done by third-party contracting companies but Apple brought the work in-house following a mid-2019 uproar over the way Apple used Siri recordings for evaluation with little notice to customers. Apple overhauled its Siri grading program and added options for customers to both opt out of having their Siri recordings used for product improvement and to delete already collected Siri recordings.

Apple does not support Siri in the languages that it is hiring for, which indicates Siri may be coming to new countries in the not too distant future. If Siri is gaining additional language support, those languages could also be added to the Translate app that was released in iOS 14.

Siri is currently in more than 37 countries, with a list available on Apple's website. The languages that work with the Translate app are more limited and include Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Article Link: Apple Likely Expanding Siri Availability to Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Vietnam, Indonesia and More


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Jan 13, 2006
I wish they would expand Siri be much smarter than it is.

Seriously, how many years and resources have they thrown into this and yet the improvements are quite marginal year to year.

Siri and maps is where Apple needs to up their game.

On an even further tangent, why do I need an internet connection to check the time, or even play music? Does anyone remember with the iPhone 3s, you could control your music by voice? This was before Siri, and you didn't need an internet connection to do it.


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Dec 20, 2017
The language in the Translate app is Brazilian Portuguese. Siri is available in Brazilian Portuguese as well.
As to why the Portuguese language position is based in Austin instead of Cork is puzzling me.
First they advertised that position as located in Cork, Ireland along with all the other languages, but then they just deleted it (I know because I applied for it) and now it's available only in Austin, TX...


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Jul 29, 2013
Good to see the most under-developed part of iOS taking a leap forward. Hopefully they also realize somewhere within the next 20 years that they should hire someone fluent/native speaker in Portugal's Portuguese variant. I am aware that we are a very small market vs the Brazilian one and that neither the difference in purchasing power makes it worth it for them vs the sheer amount of Brazil's population (even with iDevices there being even more prohibitively expensive than here) but it just seems increasingly hard and frustrating to use Siri in PT-BR, people just revert back to English, so hopefully they'll improve there as well and have PT-PT as well...


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Mar 18, 2010
Over There
I argue with Siri on HomePod everyday. I speak, without accent, what is labeled as Broadcast english or General American english and Siri often launches my television, tells me the weather, or plays hip-hop radio when I ask for Piano Radio. I might have better luck in another language.
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Aug 10, 2007
I'm a rolling stone.
This is good news. I live in Indonesia 🇮🇩

I lived in Indonesia for about a decade, will return one day.
This (Eventual Siri availability) comes as a bit of a surprise to me, I know it’s a huge country with 270+ million people, the majority of them can’t actually afford an iPhone, let alone a smartphone.
I am aware there’s quite a few rich people but percentage wise it’s very..very low.
I’ve seen them, but rarely.


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Jan 29, 2014
How is it possible that Apple keeps ignoring Portuguese from Portugal?... It's impossible to use the Brazilian Portuguese. Google has taken the initiative, come on Apple!
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