Apple Makes Gains in U.S. Smartphone Market Share

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    comScore today released the results of its monthly rolling survey of U.S. mobile phone users for the November-January period, finding that Apple's smartphone marketshare rose 3.5 percentage points between October and January, up to 37.8% of both U.S. smartphone platform and hardware sales.

    Samsung was second in hardware makers with 21.4%, up from 19.5% three months earlier. HTC and Motorola both experienced significant drops in market share, while LG gained slightly.


    Google's Android was the largest smartphone platform with 52.3% of smartphone platform share, down from 53.6% three months ago. Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian all lost share, to the benefit of Apple. As a result, Apple and Google control more than 87 percent of the smartphone market.


    Notably, comScore's data tracks installed user base rather than new handset sales, making it more reflective of real-world usage but slower to respond to shifting market trends than some other studies.

    Article Link: Apple Makes Gains in U.S. Smartphone Market Share
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    London, UK
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    I remember when Google and Apple were in bed together back in 2007. My how times have changed.
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    Jun 16, 2009
    these arent as fun when apple loses share. Then we can all yell DEATH DEATH DEATH
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    I really don't think it's right to call android the largest "smartphone platform", because:

    1. Really its "mobile platform" and when you look at the post-PC era, tablets, namely the iPad Market is a big chunk of mobil devices, and when you include these numbers- the iPad has really dominant share making iOS the dominant platform. Looking just at "smartphones" is selective reporting to try and exclude the market where Apple has had the most success, skewing the numbers in favor of android.

    2. Android is hugely fragmented. iOS devices are mostly all running the latest iOS software and even ones that aren't can all run apps without modification. This is not true on android where covering %80 of the market requires changing your app to support 167!!! different devices.

    3. I don't consider android to really be a platform, simply because it is so compromised. As a ripoff of iOS they had to rush it to market and in doing so compromised a lot of functionality.

    4. Android is primarily sold to feature phone buyers as if it were a featurephone. These people walk in to get "a phone" and get sold android by the weenies at the carriers store... but they don't use them for apps or for even browsing the web, which is why the web stats on android are so pitiful. Android is really a feature phone operating system (hence the fragmentation and incompatibility)

    5. You'd be just as correct to lump all the other Linux derivatives together and claim that there's a "linux smartphone platform".

    6. We don't have real hard numbers for shipping devices for android. Amazon doesn't publish actual numbers. Google doesn't publish actual numbers. Samsung doesn't publish actual numbers. There's a lot of hype and BS claims that these devices are selling in huge numbers, but when samsung was forced to report actual sales in the lawsuit last year, it turns out that when journalists were claiming big sales the reality was pitiful. Most of these "sales" are actually non-android featurephones also sold by these companies who don't break them out because they want to seem more dominant than they are.

    Get me real numbers reported in annual or quarterly reports that would result in an investigation by the SEC and charges of fraud if they were made up-- and use those.

    Apple provides them. Until android manufacturers are willing to report the numbers under penalty of perjury like Apple does, they're just PR smoke, nothing more. (or analysts "projections")

    These stats are being distorted by the propaganda of android fans who claim that it is a platform, and a smartphone platform at that and that it is dominant
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    Silicon Valley
    People use iPhones more because they last longer. It's not built from really poor quality plastic (ala Samsung). It's got software updates for at least twice or thrice as long as Android based devices (exception are Nexus devices). And let's not forget there are better quality apps on iOS in general. Oh and iOS is easier to use and the interface is consistent across multiple devices, multiple versions of the OS.
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    I Love L.A.
  8. DipDog3, Mar 6, 2013
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    Yet AAPL is down for the day. Can't please Wall Street. :rolleyes:
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    Oct 15, 2011
    Apple is doomed... Safari is snappier... And AAPL is down a 1.4%... hmmm...
  11. daneoni macrumors G4


    Mar 24, 2006
    Considering that there are only 6 iPhone models and at least 1000 Android phones I wouldn't say that 37.8% (iOS) to 52.3% (Android) is too bad of a margin
  12. gwelmarten macrumors 6502

    Jan 17, 2011
    At least if they carry on like this they won't have to go thermonuclear on Android/Samsung, saving us a lot of radiation sickness.
  13. ymmit macrumors newbie

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    Maybe one of these days Apple's share price will again reflect reality.
  14. cycomiko macrumors 6502

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    my last iphone lasted not long ot of its warrantee period. Home buttons are a pig. The new iphone appears to be heading down that same route.
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    Is that why there is a huge purge of used iPhone availability/sales/auctions when a new model comes out? :rolleyes:
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    Taz Mangus

    Mar 10, 2011
    Rounding error or there counting it wrong.

  17. dojoman, Mar 6, 2013
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    Apr 8, 2010
    Really? My iPhone 4S still runs like new. Not a glitch with latest iOS6.
  18. samcraig macrumors P6

    Jun 22, 2009
    Sad sad post.

    BTW - "rushed to market" ? Yeah - maybe MAYBE OS1.0 - but now? Not so much. ICS and JB weren't "rushed" no matter how much you really want to say it.

    What functionality has been compromised in Android. Name some.

    Your rationalization is hilarious.

    Lastly - why so defensive and dismissive? Someone at Google kidnap a loved one?

  19. 4TheLoveOfTech macrumors 6502

    Feb 27, 2013

    "People" don't use iPhones more. Just "People" in the US.

    "All People" around the world use Android OS more so that pretty much makes your entire post wrong.
  20. ghost187 macrumors 6502a


    Mar 18, 2010
    The iPhone sells more on fair/even battlegrounds by a landslide. Just check AT&T and verizon smartphone sales percentage of iPhones. iPhone accounts for about 80%. I've always said this, if money is not an issue for you, Apple provides you the best tech experience across all its devices bar non, without you even knowing anything about electronics. Everyone is expecting the impossible, which is for apple to compete with budget android phones like the $39 phones off contract on virginmobileusa . com.
  21. sazivad, Mar 6, 2013
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    Meh. Neither Android nor iOS are ever going to disappear, and seasonal changes are to be expected.

    I'm sure when the S4 comes out, we'll see a spike in Android marketshare.

    And when the 5S comes out, we'll see a spike in iOS marketshare.


    EDIT: Oh !@#$, I didn't notice at first that Microsoft actually lost marketshare. Did it ever even go above, like, 5%?

  22. baryon macrumors 68040


    Oct 3, 2009
  23. chiefpavvy macrumors 6502a

    Feb 23, 2008
    Yep. It's all price. If all Androids were priced at the same level as iPhones (unsubsidized) $649/749/849 their market share would dwindle very quickly.

    You almost never hear that some one got an Android because they really wanted one. It's because it was "FREE" or "very cheap" with their regular contract cycle. Or they broke a phone or whatever and the Android was cheap to replace it. They don't speak with any passion, it's all $ plain and simple.
  24. AaronEdwards macrumors 6502a

    Feb 10, 2011
    The comments in this thread say a lot more about the current situation and where things are heading than the story at the top...

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