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Sep 30, 2015
Truly disappointed in Apple Maps. Was navigating along Highway 290 West in the Texas Hill Country yesterday heading to a vineyard when the app instructed me to bear left and go southbound when the actual direction was to head northbound. It was the third time yesterday that the app had given incorrect instructions.

The first time it happened I assumed perhaps I hadn't heard the directions correctly. The volume is difficult to hear when compared to Google Maps, which is not only loud and clear, but audibly lets you know your ETA. If that is not a new feature, realize that I don't use Google Maps frequently and have been trying to use the Apple Maps as I prefer using integrated apps in iOS.

Apple Map's voice overs were barely audible over my Pandora stream (not hard rock but smooth Bossa Nova) and I have selected "loud" under settings. The differences between Apple Maps and Google Maps were like night and day.

It is truly discouraging that Apple Maps is, sadly, still a third-rate application. I would much prefer to use Apple Maps than Google's app, but if I want to reach my destination correctly, it seems I'm left with little choice. Google Maps is more accurate, provides an audible ETA which is fantastic when you're hands-free and focusing on driving.

My hope is that Apple will mend the many flaws extant in Apple Maps and hopefully make it a Google Maps killer. But it has lagged behind for some time now....beginning to doubt if it can ever pull ahead let alone catch up.


Jul 11, 2006
I've tried giving Apple maps a chance every year or two and it always tries to direct me to the wrong place. The first time I used it it told me to turn into a field. A couple years later when I tried it out it told me to turn into railroad tracks.

I don't have much hope for it to get better.


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Jul 19, 2011
I travel a lot for my job, mostly in car. I have worked there about nine months and spent over $5,000 on travel expenses (and I didn't fly anywhere, so for my office I probably was the cheapest). I always use Apple maps, except when I can't find the address in there and have to use Google. There have been a few times it hasn't been 100% but I haven't been told anything too crazy. Well once it told me to turn left. There was a road there but it was a road through a cemetery for the hearse and funeral procession to use...

I do frequently travel in locations that have large signs saying GPS routing not advised... so I have low expectations.
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