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google maps

  1. hoodafoo

    Google Maps, Safari, Trackpad, 2-Finger Zoom, Broken

    Seems like something changed recently were I can no longer zoom Google Maps in Safari using 2 fingers (drag up and down) anymore. Anyone else experience that issue? I suspect this is a change on Google side (maybe to irk non-chrome users). I fired up an old MacBook with Big Sur and same zoom...
  2. AjTee

    Problem with any web browser and Google Maps integration on iPhone 12 Pro

    Hello, When I want to look for any place in any web browser and then track it, then it cannot load a track to this place. I have tested it on any internet connection, tried to reinstall apps. I have newest version of iOS. I have recorded a video with this issue. Please see below. Do you know...
  3. miamialley

    CarPlay Road trip through National Parks in the US West. CarPlay: Apple Maps or Google Maps?

    We'll be driving from Southern California to West Yellowstone, MT and back. I like the interface of Apple Maps and traditionally use it day to day, but prefer the historical data of Google Maps (and other features like 'add stop'). Which maps app would you use with CarPlay and why?
  4. S

    Instagram is now using Apple Maps for their location maps

    I noticed today when looking at a restaurant that Instagram was using Apple maps instead of Google maps for their location map.
  5. C

    CarPlay No verbal directions using Google Maps CarPlay

    We have found that if we use Google maps for CarPlay it provides turn by turn directions on the car screen but no verbal instructions. If I switch to Apple maps I get verbal instructions. Any ideas why and how to fix? Anyone else getting this? Thanks
  6. macmahon70

    Apps Plans app - no itinerary for biking

    I am sad that there is no Google Maps watch app, so I rely on the Plans app but when I go biking there is no way to select an itinerary with bike...I checked in the App setting even on my Iphone but could not find it...did I miss something? is there another app that allows to do that?
  7. T

    Waze and Google Map in CarPlay voice not working

    when I connect to CarPlay I can’t use the mic in the app to do a search. I have enabled mic access for the apps. Makes them kind of useless if I can’t use voice commands. I hope I am missing something obvious.
  8. 6

    Import Google Maps starred places into Apple Maps?

    I assume the answer to this is "it's can't be done" but I thought I'd ask anyway. I have about 400 saved/starred places in Google Maps. Is there any way to: 1. Export this data from Google Maps. 2. Then import it into Apple Maps?
  9. anthony818N

    Why do Random address and pin points appear on my iphone maps?

    Hello just a question regarding Maps: Sometimes when i go into my iPhone Maps i see addresses and pin points that are unknown to me..and appear on their own. Does anyone know how they get there? or how i can prevent this? I hear that it can have something to do with my gmail account...
  10. K

    Universal Google Maps marks seen places

    Hello. From few days Google Maps marks on map places that i have navigate to. Red dot with square, restaurants icons etc. I don't change anything in settings. How to revert this?
  11. S

    iPad Pro Is the iPP2 Google Streets issue happening on iOS11?

    As has been confirmed by several people, Google Street views load very slowly (5-10+ seconds) on the second gen iPP 10.5/12.9. I'm wondering if the issue also occurs on iPP2 devices running iOS11 beta?
  12. S

    iPad Pro Problem with Google Streets in iPad 10.5

    I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing issues with Google Streets on the new iPad 10.5? When I try to go into Street View from the Google Maps app, there's a delay of between 5-15 seconds for the street view to display (displays an off white background until the image loads). I'm not seeing this...
  13. noanker

    Apple Maps Fail - When will it be a Google Maps Killer?

    Truly disappointed in Apple Maps. Was navigating along Highway 290 West in the Texas Hill Country yesterday heading to a vineyard when the app instructed me to bear left and go southbound when the actual direction was to head northbound. It was the third time yesterday that the app had given...
  14. M

    Does iPhone 7 Plus have TRUE GPS?

    When I say "true GPS" I mean the ability to function independently of a data service in conjunction with a mapping program like Google maps? Driving from Porto to Lisbon airport, I was running a bit late, and ran past the precise ending hour for my data package with the SIM chip in my Vodaphone...
  15. rsbacon

    Google Maps navigation volume

    So I noticed that my Google Maps nav volume starts out really low (like barely audible) and increases as the directions are spoken out. This seems to only be an issue on the iPhone 7, as the iPhone 6S sounds perfectly fine and loud from the get go. It almost seems like the app can't decide...
  16. macpoetter

    Web Map API

    Hi, I am working on a GPS Tracking App for Developer. After installing the app and registering an account, the user can access the coordinates from my secure server via all possible programming languages. Here the link to my project website: I would also like...
  17. IGI2

    The (lack of) quality of Apple Maps.

    As promised, see how many roads are lacking in Apple Maps, newest iOS 10 GM maps on the LEFT, and real world on the right: So how can a person in Poland use Apple Maps? He can't. Only a die-hard fan can stand it... With Apple Maps Poland looks quite de-urbanized. And it's not only...
  18. T

    Google Maps and Safari WebGL

    Anyone else having an issue when accessing Google Maps via Safari? Recently MBP has been suffering from some sort of display issue that forces Google Maps into "lite" mode rather than the full "3D" mode that allows for street view and Google Earth. Instead, I'm not able to access street view and...
  19. A

    Maps acting strange iOS 9.2

    Is anyone experiencing any issues with either Apple maps or google maps on iOS 9or above? Maybe 3 different occasions I've noticed my vehicle is jumping around and not on the road I'm driving on. The other day on google maps, I was displayed as driving sideways and the map kept flipping side to...