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Apr 12, 2001

Japanese site Mac Otakara reports that Apple may be finishing up work on a new version of its Logic professional audio software, with the new version being named Logic Pro X. According to a rough English translation provided alongside the original Japanese-language report, a source familiar with the status of the project appears to report that the news comes from a source involved in a "customer interview" with Apple's Logic team.

The report indicates that Apple will be discontinuing the Soundtrack Pro component of Logic Studio with the update, which would mirror the move taken with the release of Final Cut Pro X earlier this year. Soundtrack Pro 3 had been offered with both Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio, but is no longer included as part of the Final Cut Pro X application set.

As far as other Logic Studio components, Logic Pro X is also said to fold some of the existing production tools such as WaveBurner directly into the core Logic Pro application. MainStage, Apple's software for bringing virtual instruments and effects to live performances, is reportedly set to be spun out as a separate standalone application.

The report does not specify how Apple plans to distribute Logic Pro X, although it seems reasonable to assume that it would be a Mac App Store release like Final Cut Pro X. MainStage would likely also be offered via the Mac App Store much as Motion and Compressor are offered separately from Final Cut Pro.

No rumored release date for Logic Pro X is given in the report, with the only concrete detail being that Apple will not be incorporating a GarageBand-style user interface for the revamped application, likely sticking to a more complex interface more appropriate for the professional-level nature of the software.

Apple launched Logic Pro 9 as part of a revamped Logic Studio suite in mid-2009, and brought 64-bit compatibility to the software in early 2010 in the form of Logic Pro 9.1.

Article Link: Apple Moving Toward Release of Logic Pro X?


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Aug 25, 2010
I'm really really waiting to see what they do / don't do with the new Logic release. I'm hopping its not as butchered as Final Cut X. If Apple wants to release parts of it like Compressor as add-ons I'm fine with that. I have Logic 9.1.5 Express and wish i could just spend $50 and buy Compressor now. I just hope Apple doesn't dumb down their "pro" software. Its very very cost effective compared to running a whole AVID setup. I really don't want to have to buy Pro Tools 9 or 10 someday because of the costs. I like how Logic just kinda works. I had to use Pro Tools 8 at a recording session and was blown away at how ugly and non-intuitive features are in it (it does take advantage of dual displays nice). Anyway hoping I still can have a reason to use Macs lol. Way cheaper to build a PC rig and run AVID than dump money into an old Mac Pro......wondering if they will discontinue those things. Oh my.....what if Apple updates it's Mac Pro with the release of Logic Pro X?
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Jan 29, 2009
I hope apple bring back the features (not the outdated ones) to FCPX and likewise to quicktime, two very valuable tools completely destroyed. I understood the need to rebuild on a new architecture, i just hope that they are going to build back the features which made those softwares great.

Im glad they arent doing anything as drastic to logic not that its my main daw but it would be a great shame.


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Jul 21, 2008
Maybe it'll be released the same time as the iPhone? Very nice to see a rumour about logic and hopefully it won't be too expensive so I might be able to upgrade :p


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Oct 17, 2007
Camp Snoopy
If true Apple appears to have learned a lesson from the FCP X mess.

I'm actually wondering what Apple could possibly do to Logic to make its interface more Garageband-like than it already is. Both are pretty damn similar already (the only problem I had figuring out Logic after a few years of using Garageband was getting used to different keystrokes). Apple already pulled a Garageband-ification when they added the option to consolidate all the windows and browsers into the main window for Logic 8; the only thing left is changing the color palate of the interface.


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Jan 19, 2008
Great they had Final Cut, now Logic Pro, I hope the next refresh will be Aperture 4 (or X or whatever)! :D


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Sep 7, 2011
Im a sound tech and im not botherd i dont think logic is that great only the plug ins for instruments ill stick to abelton and pro tools :rolleyes:


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Nov 21, 2009
It's funny how much perspective matters:

I was fine with them crippling fcp x and I'm fine to wait 1-2 years for them to add the missing stuff back, because my dabbling in video is mostly experimental and one-man-show stuff.

However, I was/am genuinely horrified of them doing the same with logic, and that would make me cause the same kind of fit that many high-level editors had from fcp x release. :rolleyes:


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Feb 16, 2010
Everyone, buy your copies of the current version while you still can! :D

Seriously, I haven't used Logic yet but I heard it looks and feels a lot like GarageBand already; I don't think they can't upset as many people as they did with Final Cut X, no matter what they do...


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Jun 2, 2008
Who says it won't be more GarageBand like? There's nothing concrete about that. I'd like it to be simplified as many logic operations are very illogical and convoluted. If we look at osx and FCX, all signed point towards simplified which is no a bad thing. Remember, it's about the easiest way to make music with a feature rich programme.

The article states a customer interview. I hope the 'logic' in this was to ask first and then program rather than finish it and then ask when there is little movement on what could be done!

I hope this isn't just rumour and they release something soon.
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