Apple Music not dead on Yosemite

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    Without warning, Apple Music has died iTunes on a Mac running Yosemite. This just started a few days ago (around the time of the Event). Many, many people are reporting the same thing in the Apple Forums (see link). "For You", "Browse", and "Radio" tabs now show full blank screens, and search doesn't function in these tabs. Some have called, and the answer is "install Sierra". Not a good solution as Sierra is incompatible with a lot of needs people have who are experiencing this (as well as Apple Music saying it is compatible with Yosemite).

    Apple Forum post:

    People have tried reseting caches, permissons, and installing OS again (Yosemite). To no avail.

    Anyone have any luck with this?


    There were also so many posts at as well. However, it is a simple FIX. Seems they updated iTunes to handle the new changes, and you need this update to access Apple Music. Make sure you are running not just 10.6.1, but Updated, and all is right in the world... well... maybe not that.
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    Perhaps now...Mac will not be bugging U for the password over and over and over.
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    Huh. I've never had that happen.

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