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Apr 12, 2001

Apple Music includes new animated album artwork in the latest beta versions of iOS 14.3 and macOS 11.1, indicating that the feature will likely come to subscribers of the streaming service next week.


Apple Music gained animated playlist artwork with the release of iOS 14, but it looks like Apple is now extending the feature to select album covers in iOS 14.3, too.

Animated album art in Apple Music has been spotted by a Redditor on albums including "12 Questions" by Future Utopia, "Detroit 2" by Big Sean, and Pearl Jam's "Gigaton."

The animations are short and appear similar to live wallpapers on iOS, showcasing brief and colorful sequences that apparently loop infinitely.

As noted by 9to5Mac, on iPhone the animated artwork takes up half of the screen, but they're the same size as regular album artwork on iPad and Mac.

Apart from all being new releases, it's not clear what Apple's selection criteria is for adding the animations to albums, but more are likely to be introduced when iOS 14.3 is released to the public on Monday.

Article Link: Apple Music to Get Animated Album Artwork in iOS 14.3 and macOS 11.1


Sep 16, 2014
I'm all for hi-def audio.

And while you're at it Apple, stop screwing around with the art work I already have and stop inserting crappy pics of artists into my library.

I can live with that, if I have to, what seriously grinds my gears is when they replace tracks in albums with versions that just don’t belong. Like, replacing a studio recording with a live version.

Doesn’t happen too often, but it’s a complete pain when they do.

I’m also all in favour of higher bitrate, lossless ALAC being introduced as an option. Can’t imagine why anyone would be opposed to the option of higher quality.


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Feb 15, 2019
yes, it's very nice, but better focus on improving things like the recommendation algorithm, which I listen to almost all rock, alternative, metal and so on and recommends me songs like "Jose Feliciano - Feliz Navidad" :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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May 29, 2007
I hope they add this feature to the iTunes Store. Live Lyrics would be welcome for bought music too.
I get the point that Apple wants to sell subscriptions, I just don't want it.

I'm not 100% sure if I would use it all the time, I probably get annoyed by the repeating animation though, but it would be nice to have it for bought music.
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Sep 20, 2013
Instead of adding childish features Apple should have implemented better audio quality and really started to weed out bugs and serious problems off their streaming service. My personal list: mysteriously vanishing album artwork, magically duplicating and even triplicating smart playlists.
Since three days ago I cannot play any downloaded tracks on my mac. The help line wasn't helpful at all. After so many years of using iTunes and Apple Music I am seriously considering different music services, which all offer better audio quality.
Sorry for ranting. But this "shiny" feature seems to me totally off the record.


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Jun 11, 2010
How to turn off the album art animation on the Mac's Music app? The only option I see is to "reduce motion" globally. Not specific in the Music app.

... Also how to turn off the animations in the Mac App Store app?
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