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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today started offering an extended three-month free trial period for Apple News+ to first-time subscribers in the United States and Canada, up from a one-month trial previously. According to the App Store, this is a temporary promotion available for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend only.


"This weekend only, get a 3 month free trial of Apple News+ and enjoy full access to hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers," says Apple.

The three-month trial can be initiated on the Apple News website in the United States or Canada. After the trial period, Apple News+ automatically renews for $9.99 per month in the United States or $12.99 per month in Canada until cancelled.

Apple News+ is a subscription-based service in the Apple News app that lets you access hundreds of magazines and paywalled content from some news sites. The service launched in March following Apple's acquisition of Texture.

Apple News+ continues to offer a one-month trial in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Article Link: Apple News+ Offering Three-Month Free Trial in U.S. and Canada This Weekend Only
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Dec 30, 2010
If any of the major news organizations would PUBLICLY PROMISE to report just the news and not opinion and click bait - I would pay $10 a month. Nobody from CNN to NBC to FOXNEWS (and most others) are reliable to get factual reporting anymore.

NOTE: Opinion pages are fine by the way - like they were once upon a time.

Note #2 - You will note that I am not being political as I slammed both sides of the news cycle above.
But - I just signed up for trial and put a not on my calendar to cancel at the end of Feb.


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Dec 7, 2014
It's interesting how wrong I would have predicted their 2019 services launches.

I would've expected something like:

Apple Arcade: C+
Apple Card: B+
Apple News+: A-
Apple TV+: B-

Instead, it's almost the reverse. Consensus appears to be something like:

Apple Arcade: A (seems generally well-loved!)
Apple Card: B+ (this one… basically matched the relatively low expectations)
Apple News+: B- (not doing great)
Apple TV+: A- (no smash hit, but reasonably satisfying)

Would you have bet that Apple would do a much better job launching a gaming(!) platform than a news one?
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Jan 6, 2015
Tried it early on. I guess I'm not much of a magazine reader. I don't need the fluffy crap and hard "news" no longer exists, so what's the point (other than the publishers trying to make money for nothing)?

Apple has horribly misunderstood what they bought when they bought out Texture. News+ is an idiotic name for a magazine service. You're 100% right about the news magazines in the service, but 95% of the magazines are special interest, hobby, niche things and many of them really are excellent because they're produced by enthusiasts in the niche fields. But almost nobody gets that, which is perfectly understandable when it's called News+ and half-ass glued onto Apple's news aggregator.

Magazines in the 21st century have nothing at all to do with news. Even if the news quality were excellent, which it most certainly isn't, a weekly magazine is still pushing week-old news that nobody cares to read anymore. Apple doesn't understand that and all Apple has done here is confuse people.


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Oct 17, 2008
I wish Apple News would be offered in Germany. But on the other hand I just found out that my local library offers digital content for free once you sing up for the regular library. So actually I just signed up because of the kids, and hey its just 12 Euros for the whole year by the way. And so now besides having lots of books for the kids, in addition we got novels for the wife and music CDs, movie DVDs and BRs for me, as well as free e-books, free e-magazines and local e-newspapers, along with free music.

So I would always recommend to check your local library if you haven't for two decades or so like me and see if they have transitioned to the digital age.
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