Apple Opening Three New Stores Next Saturday, Including First in Downtown Miami

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    Hi, apple's yearly OS upgrades are just that - updates - you are usually not reinstalling the OS when you update.

    You need to backup everything to time machine, delete the drive, and reinstall the os - are you sure you're a software engineer - forgive me but that's kinda basic 101 of computer maintenance that would happen with a pc or a mac.

    If that doesn't fix it, do it all again, and this time reinstall each application one by one, until you have found the possible software conflict.

    It is extremely unusual that your mac would not have generated a log crash report upon restart of the frozen machine. I've never heard of that happening before.

    Agreed, regular tech support won't give you anything more than I just have, but unless I have misinterpreted your post it sounds like you haven't done fundamental trouble shooting yourself yet, so I'm confused why you don't think support would have been able to help you. If first tier apple support can't help, they will elevate it to second tier senior tech support. Unfortunately you are out of warranty so you won't get an automatic repair case, but if they can't help, they will usually escalate to cupertino.

    If your girlfriend is reluctant to call apple support, then what is the point of complaining about how bad apple and their support is, if one is 'reluctant' to use that support in the first place. I am confused.

    Best of luck
  2. falcn, Mar 18, 2017
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    I wasn't complaining about how bad apple support is. I just not happy with the state of the Mac. Don't like the amount of bugs they have nowadays. Not happy how OS works. Yesterday, after a week of heavy usage, I had 9GB of swap with no apps running and 14/16 GB memory free. Why? It makes no sense. I had to reboot just to get rid of that accumulated swap, because I had no other options.

    Sometimes Mac won't get to sleep when lid closed. Sometimes kernel task becomes too big or too cpu hungry with no way to troubleshoot.

    Too many open files? What the **** does that mean?! It's 2017, but I feel like I'm using MS DOS again.

    Point is, I don't trust my machine, and it feels terrible.

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