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  1. tmilowski, Dec 27, 2015
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    Oct 29, 2014
    Just came back from trip to Europe (Poland most of the time) and used Apple Pay in every place I did any shopping and in every restaurant.
    It worked like a charm and to my surprise no one even question or asked. Please remember Poland is not even a place which officially supports Apple Pay. None of the banks do but all of the card readers are touch aware and all of them just accepted the Apple Pay without any hiccups.
    The process was so simple. No signature, no stupid verification if the amount is correct or questions if I really want to put this amount on the card. Nothing just fingerprint verification and transaction is completed!
    I wish our technologically advanced country (hmmm???) would embraced this 13 year old technology (NFC) and made it simple for as customers to use.
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    Poznan, Poland
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    That's all true.
    IMG_1039.PNG IMG_1414.PNG IMG_1412.PNG

    You just need a compatible (British in my case) card to use it ; )

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