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Feb 10, 2014
The Apple Pencil is great, but there's always room for improvement. Here's what I'm hoping the next Pencil brings (in no particular order):

- Off switch.
Since I keep my Pencil in my bag with my iPad all day, the battery constantly gets depleted. Quick charging is quick, but it's still a chore when you have to do it often.
- Smart connector magnetic attachment/quick-charging.
The smart connector would need a major upgrade to provide adequate power throughput for quick-charging, but assuming it's possible, I think this would be much more ideal than the current method. To keep the Pencil looking sleek, half the Pencil could twist/elongate to reveal the smart connector, then twist/collapse again to hide the connector (the twisting is to help deter the Pencil from being collapsed accidentally). This elongating/collapsing could additionally serve to turn the Pencil on and off. I wouldn't want to attach the Pencil to the iPP magnetically for transport because it could easily get knocked off and lost. For that I would want something much more secure like a clip (read below). But magnetic attachment would be ideal for temporarily keeping the Pencil and iPP together, and charging while doing so. Cases and covers, such as the ASK, would need a smart connector passthrough.
- Clip.
This could attach the Pencil to the iPad's cover during transportation (and it would be helpful if the cover had an actual pocket/sleeve/loop for the Pencil). It could also clip to your clothes. It could also prevent the Pencil from rolling away.
- Side button (programmable).
I really miss this from having used Wacom pens. The button would need to be as high as the upper button on the Wacom pen though. I always accidentally hit the lower button so I just disabled it and only used the upper button.
- Variation of tips.
(I believe this could actually be done now.) Primarily I'd like the option of a tip made of a material that provides more friction against the iPP screen. I got a matte screen protector to try to get some more friction (and therefore Pencil control) but it doesn't help nearly as much as I hoped. I'd also like the tip to be a tad sharper. I realize a sharper more friction-y tip would need to be replaced much more often. I'm ok with that.
- Battery indicator light.
A tiny red/yellow/green LED that will light up visible when charging, just for added convenience when the Pencil is charging separated from the iPP.
- A little shorter and thicker.
Just my preference.
- Hover cursor when using with Mac via Astropad.
Something only Astropad users would want.

I know a lot of people want an eraser, but that's not something I'm interested in. I've always found flipping my pens back and forth more cumbersome than tapping a well-placed eraser tool button.

Also I was considering adding a rubber grip to the list, but that is something I can always put on myself. Plus different people will probably want different types of grips.

What's on your list?
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Dec 5, 2008
Penarth, Wales, UK
off switch - i like. as long as powering down doesn't make me have to physically re-connect the blue tooth every time i switch it on, like you have to now.

tip variations - interesting. would be happy to entertain these, rather than the super slidey hard plastic on glass we have now. i thought my hand writing wasn't that bad :p

for me this is it basically. i like the shape/size as is, and am more than happy with 3rd party claps, grips, chargers etc etc etc. i dont want flashing lights and extra gizmos that'll potentially make the Pencil thicker and heavier.
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Jul 31, 2016
Magnetic smart connector attachment enough for me. And of course more battery life.


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Jun 17, 2009
A bit thicker for comfort, off switch, clip and button for eraser
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