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Feb 25, 2016
The Apple pencil is making marks and strokes while hovering and moving the pencil a few millimeters from the surface. Spoke to Apple guys a while back and they too said were having similar issues.
Does anyone know what could it be .. I tried unscrewing and tightening the tip, but still the same thing ..
I am facing the issue in Procreate , Sketchbook pro , Notes ..

There is a guy on YouTube demonstrating this

P.s. on a side note it also means the iPad knows that the pencil is hovering above it .. so may be Apple or an app can implement a hover cursor for those who want it.


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Sep 16, 2014
Well it is a Bluetooth stylus and works in connection with the screen. I would expect it to be detected just before it's touching the screen.

All of the powered styli I've owned over the years do this. It's just the signal being detected by the iPad before the Pencil touches the screen.

In theory they could eliminate it completely by using the pressure sensitivity of the Pencil to determine when it's actually in contact with the screen. But I guess they haven't yet.

Atomic Walrus

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Sep 24, 2012
Basically it's up to the app developers to choose to discard input events that have ZERO pressure, which are the hover detection touches.

Any real contact will come with some pressure value, even if it's extremely small. I've tested this in the Touch Canvas demo app and it works well (no more hover-created trails on letters with pen brushes).

I recommend reporting this behavior and the solution to app devs.

As far as a hover cursor: the hardware should support it (tilt detection works because the digitizer can "see" a second emitter farther up the pencil barrel), but the SDK only provides a method to listen for "touches" so developers will not be able to implement it.
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Feb 25, 2016
TrueBlou, Atomic Walrus, guys you are awesome ! Makes sense .
I was a bit annoyed because most apps that I use, create minute hooks and extra lines if multiple quick strokes are made close to the screen while cross hatching ...
Yeh may be I could post in one of the drawing app forums about this
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