Apple Piloting Loaner iPads for Retail Employees, Donating 9,000 Used iPads to Teachers

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    CNET reports that Apple is piloting a new program at its San Francisco flagship retail store, allowing store employees to check out loaner iPads for up to a week. The program is an additional perk to satisfy its employees and provides them with more hands-on time with the device to help them better assist customers.
    Meanwhile, Fortune reports that Apple has wrapped up a drive to allow users to donate their used iPads to the Teach for America program. Launched earlier this year with the debut of the iPad 2, the program allowed Apple to provide each of the over 9,000 members of the Teach for America program with a free first-generation iPad.


    Teach for America window display at Apple retail store (Source: SME Branding)

    The report notes that Steve Jobs' wife, Laurene Powell, is on the board of directors of Teach for America, offering a personal connection to the initiative. Apple has also promoted the iPad and Teach for America in its retail stores with large window displays.

    Article Link: Apple Piloting Loaner iPads for Retail Employees, Donating 9,000 Used iPads to Teachers
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    I love the fact that Laurene is involved with Teach for America.
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    Seems a fairly cheap attempt at charity from Apple here, I mean asking people to donate their iPads? Apple are in a better position than anyone to be donating iPads, and its not like they can't afford it either.
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    It’s OK for Apple to support “small" efforts AND do other things as well. Why should this effort be subtracted, if it helps people do some good?

    If you’re assuming this is the ONLY charitable thing Apple does, you’re mistaken.

    P.S. Finding homes for unwanted iPads, when users upgrade to a new model, is a secondary benefit that helps prevent them from going to waste or collecting dust. Most people have a family member or friend to give it to, or they can sell it on their own if they want to bother—but giving it to a good cause is also a great option; an option I’d love to have when it comes time to retire my iPad! If Apple helps give me that option, I won’t complain.
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    Looks a fairly successful attempt to me. And leaving 9,000 people with the good feeling of having donated to a good cause. And according to the article, these iPads have been turned into "refurbished iPads", so they are as new, and have all the personal data of the previous owner removed. Add to this that distribution was handled by Apple, and I think we can say without Apple most of the 9,000 teachers wouldn't have an iPad today. That's the most effective way to do charity; to handle the organisational part that individuals can't handle.
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    No good deed goes unpunished...
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    Unclear. It's possible, but the article didn't explicitly say that Apple refurb'd all the donated iPads.

    It simply mentioned a teacher whose used iPad had been a refurb.

    "Katie Remington (Middlebury '10) picked up hers -- a refurbished model that looked like new -- on Sunday... "

    Another possibility though, is that Apple collected fewer than 9,000 and made up the difference themselves with refurbs that they donated themselves.
  8. accessoriesguy macrumors 6502a

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    I'm just glad apple is doing something to help, regardless of how big or small.
  9. quickmac macrumors 6502

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    I have to agree with you here on this. While it is a good gesture and surely it helps spread the word about a good cause, it still in a way reeks of cheapness.

    One Jobs' wife is on the board of the charity, many people who know this will assume thats the only reason these displays are in Apple stores. Even if thats not the only reason.

    Secondly, Apple could easily afford to donate a ton of iPads. Hell even offering to donate X amount of your purchase of a new Apple product towards a fund that they then use to provide iPads to this charity would be a great idea. How about offering the cheesy but effective "would you like to donate X amount to this charity today?"

    Besides I'd assume most people will sell their iPads and maybe some of those will donate a portion to charity.

    Its a good gesture but still kind of cheap considering Apple's market value, popularity, markups, and profits.

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