Apple Planning Apple Card Financing Options for Devices Other than iPhone


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple may be planning to introduce interest-free Apple Card payment plans for devices other than the iPhone, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during today's earnings call covering the second fiscal quarter of 2020.

In the Q&A portion of the call, Cook was asked about the potential for deferred payments or product bundles with the Apple Card, and he had this to say:
As you know, we launched the payment plan earlier on Apple Card for iPhone. We're working on that for other products and you'll see something on that shortly.
Apple in December introduced a 24-month interest-free iPhone installment plan for Apple Card owners. The plan lets Apple Card users purchase a new iPhone with the Apple Card and pay for it over a 24-month period with zero interest, while also getting 3 percent Daily Cash back for the purchase.

Monthly iPhone payments are bundled into Apple Card's Monthly Installments, with each month's installment included in the minimum payment amount. Installments are not subject to interest unless there's an outstanding balance beyond the 24-month payment grace period.

Though Cook did not divulge much information, Apple could introduce similar payment plan options for other products such as iPads and Macs, which are particularly popular right now as people work and learn from their homes.

During the pandemic, Apple has also introduced an Apple Card Assistance Program that allows Apple Card holders to skip their March and April payments without incurring interest charges for that billing cycle.

Article Link: Apple Planning Apple Card Financing Options for Devices Other than iPhone
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Jun 22, 2010
Yes!! This is fantastic. I know some people are against credit. However, if you are responsible this makes complete sense. Seems like a natural extension to what Apple is already doing for iPhones.

Question, I know that the installment payments are added to the minimum payment. Is it possible to pay that installment payment with the full monthly statement balance at the same time? Not sure if anyone has experience with this.
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Nov 14, 2011
Very good idea. It’s really a win win for Apple to do this. No interest for 24 months AND you get cashback? Hard to pass up if you’re the type to finance things.
Yep. If they allow this for iPad and Apple Watch that would be sweet. Especially if it’s like the iPhone upgrade program where after 12 or 24 months you can trade in for a new device.


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Oct 12, 2012
For those that bought an iphone via apple card payment plan, -- does the remaining balance show up as a balance on your credit reports? I would imagine so.

Mr. Dee

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Dec 4, 2003
When I start my upgrades in 2023, this is the route i’m going. I normally buy my Apple products outright, but it can be a lot to stomach.


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Jan 20, 2014
While I have some money saved to spend upfront in case my aging iMac were to die tomorrow, I’d simply have to put the rest on credit to keep myself fully up and running. I’d love to have an option like this instead of running the transaction on the card as usual and having to pay interest on whatever I can’t pay immediately in that unfortunate event.


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Jun 22, 2010
It would show up as a balance on both your Apple Card balance as well as on your credit report, yes.
What if you want to pay the installment off while paying the full monthly statement balance (assuming you use the card to pay for other stuff).

Would the full statement balance include the full cost of the phone + other purchases or just the installment payment + other purchases?


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Sep 9, 2012
I was just thinking about this the other day, when I read that an updated 13" MacBook Pro might be coming soon. If Apple offered an interest-free purchase via monthly Apple Card payments, I'd probably do it.


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Jan 6, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
Yep. If they allow this for iPad and Apple Watch that would be sweet. Especially if it’s like the iPhone upgrade program where after 12 or 24 months you can trade in for a new device.
I have to break my cycle of getting iPhones at Verizon. I upgrade every year so I never get one paid off. I need to find the best way to switch over to buying directly from Apple. However, I only upgrade my Apple Watch every other year so having 6 months free financing directly from Apple on that would be nice.


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Mar 6, 2008
24 months no interest and cashback are a pretty good deal, more so if you use your Apple gear for work, as you can account them as monthly expenses ie amortization, it also matches the optimal point at which to renew hardware IMHO, as in, you still get a decent reseale value, you buy new gear, and your always current.


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Jan 10, 2008
Midland, TX
Might make me finally "use" my Apple Card! As an intro they could offer the new Mac Pro at $1,000 off... one can dream!


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Aug 4, 2017
San Diego, CA
This is going to really help bolster Mac sales and may push some to buy higher-spec'd models than they would if they had to pay outright. Even if they just use this to spread it out over two paychecks.
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Aug 4, 2010
Easier way for them to get the $300 bucks per month from me in perpetuity... lol
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