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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is working on five new Macs for launch in 2022, including a new version of the entry-level MacBook Pro, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.


In the latest edition of his "Power On" newsletter, Gurman said that he expects Apple to launch five new Macs in 2022, including:

  • A high-end iMac with Apple silicon to sit above the 24-inch iMac in the lineup
  • A significant MacBook Air revamp featuring the "M2" chip and a new design
  • An updated Mac mini
  • A new version of the entry-level MacBook Pro
  • A new Mac Pro with Apple silicon

While there have been a large number of rumors around Apple's iMac, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and Mac Pro updates, Gurman's mention of a new entry-level MacBook Pro stands out. He previously mentioned that a next-generation entry-level MacBook Pro would contain the same M2 chip as the next-generation MacBook Air, featuring the same number of CPU cores as the M1 chip, up to 10 graphics cores, and improved performance, but this is the first time that the machine has been mentioned in over half a year.

The introduction of Apple's latest high-end MacBook Pro models, which feature larger displays, scrapped the Touch Bar, and added more ports, seems to have left the entry-level MacBook Pro in something of an odd position in the Mac lineup, leading to speculation that it could be discontinued and replaced with a high-end version of the MacBook Air, but Gurman's reaffirmation suggests that a new entry-level MacBook Pro is still on the way for 2022.

Details about the new machine are unclear, but there are significant questions around how the new entry-level MacBook Pro will take the middle ground between the new M2 MacBook Air and the current high-end MacBook Pro, and whether aspects such as the Touch Bar will remain.

Refreshes of the 24-inch iMac and high-end MacBook Pro were noticeably absent from Gurman's list of expectations for 2022. While these machines were updated this year, their absence from Gurman's list could add clout to the theory that Apple is not planning to update its Apple silicon Macs annually.

Beyond the Mac, Gurman mentioned that he also expects to see an iPhone SE with 5G, new AirPods Pro earbuds, and the introduction of Apple's first mixed augmented and virtual reality headset in 2022.

Article Link: Apple Planning Five New Macs for 2022, Including Entry-Level MacBook Pro Refresh
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Oct 27, 2018
Brockville, Ontario.
The entry level MBP is the most redundant of Apple's offerings
This. The current 13 MBP is effectively redundant with the current M1 Air. A new entry level M2 MBP would be equally redundant with a new M2 Air. It would be pointless unless the M2 Pro can offer something significant the M2 Air doesn’t have, like maybe the legacy ports the 14in. Pro has as well as maybe a 14in. screen. I think we can safely assume the TouchBar won’t be kept.

That might work because presently it’s a big jump from the 13in. Pro to the 14in. Pro.

Andres Cantu

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May 31, 2015
An updated Mac mini makes it sound like it’s not a redesign with M1 Pro and is instead an M2 refresh.

Also, no mention of a 24-inch iMac M2 refresh. If it’s a 2023 device, that’s gonna suck because it will once again get the newer M-chip until months later. Hopefully not.


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Oct 12, 2021
Very excited for a revamped Mini!

Our lab has a ~5 year old 28-core dual-Xeon server with ~300 GB RAM, and for low-RAM, heavy CPU tasks (specifically, Bayesian models in STAN) my 10-core M1 MBP smokes it by a clean factor of two. We also have a ~2010 Mac Mini file server we want to replace, so here's hoping the rumored 20-core M1 Pro Duo makes it into the new Mini so we can use it for more CPU-bound workloads.


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Aug 19, 2015
This. The current 13 MBP is effectively redundant with the current M1 Air. A new entry level M2 MBP would be equally redundant with a new M2 Air. It would be pointless unless the M2 Pro can offer something significant the M2 Air doesn’t have, like maybe the legacy ports the 14in. Pro has as well as maybe a 14in. screen.
I think it would likely be an alternative to the rumored new M2 Air design aesthetic. Plenty of people may not need the Pro Or Max chips but don’t want the colors of a new M2 Air.


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Nov 22, 2021
This is the full list fromGurman:
  • A new iPad Pro design with wireless charging, plus updates to the iPad Air and entry-level iPad.
  • A revamped, high-end iMac with Apple silicon to sit above the new 24-inch model.
  • An iPhone SE with 5G.
  • New AirPods Pro earbuds.
  • The biggest MacBook Air revamp in the product’s history, adding the M2 chip and a new design.
  • New versions of the Mac mini, entry-level MacBook Pro and a revamped Mac Pro with Apple silicon.
  • Of course, the iPhone 14 lineup.
  • Three fresh Apple Watches, including a new Apple Watch SE, an updated standard model, and a ruggedized version aimed at extreme sports athletes.
  • And, probably most significantly, the introduction of Apple’s first mixed augmented and virtual reality headset.
but probably macrumors needs an article for each one :))


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Sep 14, 2006
And the picture is showing the last gen touch-strip MBP lol


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Aug 19, 2017
Maybe the entry-level MBP gets replaced by a bigger (15-16") Air, it would be much needed
Yes this would make much more sense as a machine to take over that price point… one thing I would note is while the machines individually are good or even great, the lineup as a whole is still a mess. Swapping the 13” Pro for a 15” MacBook(Air) brings a much nicer order to things in one small change.

The big question in my mind is whether the current M1 MacBook Air model will saved in the line-up, lowered in price to ~$899, with these new M2 MacBook Airs slotting in above it at $999 & up.
Unwarranted optimism on the prices, far more likely is the M1 Air stays at $999 and the new model debuts at $1,199-1,299. That’s an exact repeat of how they phased in the retina Air.


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Sep 24, 2019
There’s enough of a gap price wise between the air and the “real” pro that a new entry level makes sense, but what features over the air would it have?

My best guess would be something the size and weight of the Air, but with a ProMotion and maybe mini LED display, and maybe also some stuff like more than one display output or HDMI, assuming the air doesn’t have any of those.


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Apr 8, 2009
I'm curious to see what the difference will be between the Air and the entry level Pro. If they make the entry level Pro basically an Air but with the display and ports of the 14/16", that could actually be a really great laptop for people who want a better display but don't need all that power.

But then again, I don't know why they couldn't just put that on the Air, unless it's to try keep prices down.
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