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Apr 12, 2001

Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has in the past provided some accurate claims primarily regarding Apple's notebook lines, now reports to AppleInsider that Apple may be planning to introduce a white iPod touch later this year. The forthcoming fifth-generation iPod touch is said to otherwise be nearly identical to the current version.
Looking into the current third calendar quarter, Kuo said checks indicate Apple has placed orders for white iPod touch models that are expected to go into mass production sometime in late August, but he added that the build plans for those models reflect few, if any, distinguishable changes from the existing black models introduced last fall.

"It means no spec update of iPod touch this year," he said.
Last month, references to a new iOS-based iPod known as "iPod4,2" were discovered in the iOS 5 beta, with Apple's use of that naming convention instead of "iPod5,1" leading to speculation that the next-generation iPod touch will indeed be a minor update.


Lending credence to the claims of a forthcoming white iPod touch is the discovery of a new white front plate for the iPod touch obtained by parts and repair firm iFixyouri and reported to 9 to 5 Mac. The white part appears essentially identical to the black one used in the current iPod touch, and thus it can not be definitively stated whether the part is intended for a forthcoming model or was for a white version of the current generation that was ultimately scrapped before release.

Article Link: Apple Planning to Introduce White iPod Touch Later This Year?


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Oct 26, 2009
I still have my 2G iPod Touch because Apple didn't put in a decent camera in the newer models. Looks like I won't be buying this one either unless it gets a decent camera. Everything my 2G can do it does just fine.


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Jun 1, 2004
No internal upgrade is believable given the (also believable) rumours of thermal issues with the A5 in the iPhone 5. The touch is even tighter.

As others have said, though, a storage bump would be nice. Especially since I'm hoping for a storage bump by the time I'm buying my iPad 3 and iPhone 6.

Maybe in a few years we'll even get colours? I want my lime green phone.


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Apr 17, 2008
Lets hope they put a LED flash on the back side. Hard to see how they could make the iTouch any better, for what it does it is really one perfect tool, and so light.


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Jul 7, 2010
i don't like the white's just my opinion,it makes it look cheap.But anyway some people like the white ones.


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Jul 10, 2008
I've actually been holding out on getting a Touch for my daughter specifically because I was thinking the next version will offer a white color. Nice!!! Now my son can take the black 4th gen and hopefully my daughter can get a white 5th gen.

If they offer a 3G Touch, then my wife is going to have to upgrade from her 2nd gen Touch. Santa is going to be busy this year.


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Dec 13, 2009
And why not?

The market for white phones and the likes in the East and China is massive! It'll help Apple expand into the new lucrative 'new' superpower markets...

Notice how I didn't say 'emerging' ... I leave that sort of propaganda hype for the western media, they're already emerged and bobbing on the surface ;-)


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Dec 14, 2006
somewhere else
No internal upgrade is believable given the (also believable) rumours of thermal issues with the A5 in the iPhone 5. The touch is even tighter.
The iPhone A5 thermal issue rumor is not believable.

The A5 has a lower TDP than the A4. Moreover, Apple should be very familiar with A5 since it has been shipping on the iPad 2 for months.

Note that the original A4-powered iPad would overheat when used outdoors under direct sunlight. The iPad 2 does not exhibit the same behavior.
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