Apple Preparing to Begin Direct Sales in Russia?

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    The Moscow News reports (via 9to5Mac) that Apple is apparently making preparations to begin direct sales of its products in Russia, with retail stores perhaps set to follow in the future.
    The report notes that Apple currently uses a network of distributors to handle sales of its products in the country, with Apple being particularly unhappy with iPhone distribution as its carrier partners have been focused on limiting sales of the device to their own stores.


    Russia is one of the four "BRIC" countries viewed as major growth markets due to their developing economies. Among those four countries, Apple has been most heavily focused on China, but Tim Cook acknowledged earlier this year that the company has been increasing its emphasis on Brazil and Russia. India is the fourth BRIC country, and while there has been evidence of work toward an expanded reseller network there, Apple does appear to be remaining cautious with its direct expansion plans in that country.

    Article Link: Apple Preparing to Begin Direct Sales in Russia?
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    After re-reading the last paragraph a few times, wondering where I'd missed the explanation of that term or link to it's meaning, I spotted what it must mean.

    Confirmed on wikipedia, but never a term I've come across!

    To save the other uneducated people, who don't know, from searching, puzzled, BRIC = Brazil, Russia, India and China.
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    Damit beaten to the punch!
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    Does iTunes Russia sell music by (profane) Riot?*

    *This is the name of the rock band that got arrested in Russia. The intent of the word was not to be profane but to use their name in the context of discussing Apple's presence in Russia.

    I understand the need to keep a sense of decorum and propriety in the fora, and I've edited the post as needed.

    Thank you.
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    This is fantastic news. Retailers in Russia charge up to +40% on all apple hardware. I remember seeing my MBP for sell in a store in Moscow (I happen to live here) earlier this year for the same price I bought it back in Canada in 2010. No wonder everyone makes fun of people with Macs here.
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    Apple has factory partners in Brazil and China. Covered. They have distribution in India and it is expanding.

    Russia has aspects of its organization that resembles what we call the mob. That slows the style of free market development we do here in the USA and our country is trying to expand around the world.

    Another factor is political. Russia is a friend of jurisdictions our country is at covert war with, Iran, Syria, etc.

    This is a difficult market for USA based manufacturers. The former Soviet countries are mostly no problem, such as for example, Georgia.

    Culturally Russia is ripe for Apple products.

    Russian people like Americans and visa versa.

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    Actually, it isn't even BRIC anymore, instead it is "BRICS" - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
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    That's silly. The music isn't banned, just the singers.
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    No one even knows what that means.
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    That meme is more tired and even less amusing than Safari's being snappier, and totally incomprehensible to anyone outside of the US.

    Let it die.
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    UK & Russia

    Very welcome news, deploying MBP as edit tools in Russia just got easier.

    Let's ignore the naive comments about Russia from those who don't know what the hell they are talking about, they don't belong here.

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