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Apr 12, 2001

Ahead of Earth Day on April 22, Apple has added a banner to its website that reminds customers they can recycle their Apple devices "for free" with the company's recycling partners. The process can be initiated on Apple's trade-in page in many countries, with customers able to submit a form to receive a prepaid shipping label for their devices.


"We'll recycle your Apple devices, cables, cases, accessories, and other similar electronics for free," says Apple. "You'll help protect the earth's precious resources and reduce waste as we work toward a better future for the planet."

On a related note, Apple today shared a new "Recycling Robots" video on its YouTube channel in the U.K. that says Apple's recycling robots are now able to recover recyclable materials from a total of 23 different iPhone models.

"Our custom recycling robot Daisy can disassemble 23 different iPhone models to recover crucial materials like gold and rare earth elements," says Apple. "Robot Dave extracts tungsten from Taptic Engines, while robot Taz takes care of audio modules. Together, they're leading the way in recovering recycled materials for the next generation of products."

Apple will likely release its 2024 Environmental Progress Report soon, and share other Earth Day announcements over the coming days.

Article Link: Apple Promotes Recycling Your Devices 'For Free' Ahead of Earth Day


Jul 18, 2011
Apple, how about you stop making planned obsolescence part of your business strategy. Your hardware can last 20+ years, so focus on your software quality and stop chasing shareholder value at the expense of consumer value.
How many android handsets end up in the landfill before their time because they are made of cheap plastic and never receive a single software update? In contrast, iPhones are made of materials that are both durable and readily recyclable and they typically get 5-6 years of updates on average.

You can choose to resell your iPhone online or simply send it in for recycling if you don't want to deal with the hassle. To each their own, really.


Apr 11, 2018
Wow, bunch of negative Nancy's around this morning.

My guess is this program is not directed at your 2 year old phone but rather for the older devices that don't have much, if any, trade in value. Y'all act like recycling these devices is cheap! Good program Apple. If I take "devices" to our local electronics event you usually have to pay to recycle certain items.

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Feb 3, 2010
Wow, bunch of negative Nancy's around this morning.

My guess is this is not a program for your 2 year old phone but perhaps for the older devices that don't have much if any trade in value. Y'all act like recycling these devices is cheap! Good program Apple.
You can literally make 'some' money selling empty apple boxes, heck even a 10 year old broken iPhone would still probably get at least a tenner on eBay. tbh I think anyone who does any sort of trade in is just too lazy to sell it, or doesn't care about the money


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Feb 26, 2024
Really hard for me to ever get rid of Phones or iPads as an Apple Dev. I have a bunch of old Apple devices I'm going to keep for as along as I walk the earth. Especially my iPads. My Ipad4 still runs my Yamaha PSR-e463 synth perfectly! :D (I'm listening to Apple Music subscription rn off it!) Plus the ancient non-legacy OS cut off, App software. Oh, and my og iPad1. Having my own Apps (& my friends Apps), that were made on 2010 Mac Minis and released in App Store, on an original iPad is a gloriously nerdy claim to lame, that I'll never give up. 🤓
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