Apple Protection Program - Time frame to purchase. Must buy when buying computer?

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    So I'm about to become a new Mac user and have a question: When is the latest you can buy an Apple Protection Program for a MacBook Pro? Do I have to buy into the Program at time of purchasing my MBP? Or can I buy into the Program [n] months into owning my MBP?

    Also, does the timing differ if I buy a new MBP or a refurb?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You have 1 year after the date of purchase. Doesn't matter if its refurb or new. Note that your free phone support ends after 90 days so you have to purchase AppleCare if you want that to continue.
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    You can buy it at anytime during the original 1-year warranty
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    You can buy Apple Protection anytime before the original one year warranty runs out. One good strategy is to use your Mac for eleven months, and if you have any problems, get Apple Protection. If you had no problems for eleven month, then think about it.
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    The Apple site has the answers you seek:
    AppleCare Protection Plan:
    Apple Certified Refurbished Products:

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