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Nov 25, 2005
Lol. This man is a fan of Google's search technology, Samsung's display technology, and Apple's consumer technology. This man is not a fan of Samsung/Motorola/Google's iphone/ipad rip offs, or Apple's half-assed failures like Ping and MobileMe.

But since I actually have a preference in one category, somehow I'm a fanboy. Lol.

I suppose you got rated down to minus 7 by mad fanboys from all sides for daring to criticize their favourite company - whatever it is. :D


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Jun 29, 2007
No, its ok for Apple to sue when Samsung is obviously copying them.
About Rev A product, which product was it? I'm sure is not a trend but a an exception.
And Apple sues cause they are kind, nice and righteous? I guess you have never bought an Apple Rev A product that had a major defect and apple refused to acknowledge that it existing till a fix was rolled out.


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Feb 26, 2006
Rev A of the iPhone 4??

So, by that logic, every device or pair of underwear ever made is Rev A.

And it was a phone with an exposed antenna. OMG!!

So the iphone 4 looked like and worked like the iphone 3GS? It was a new model and design, it's fair to say that was a Rev A.

Considering Apple built their reputation on product design which surpasses all it's competitors, not having a phone that operates as a phone when you hold it like you would, say a phone, is a pretty fundamental flaw. You don't have to concede it if it makes you feel better to have an inferior Apple product.
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