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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released a new firmware update designed for its AirTag item trackers, with the firmware featuring an updated build number of 2A36, up from the 2A24e firmware that Apple started releasing in November. Note that when you install the update, you will see a 2.0.36 version number.


There is no word yet on what's included in the update, but Apple may provide a support document with details.

It is not possible to force an AirTag update, as it's something that's done over-the-air through a connected iPhone. To make sure the update happens, you can put your AirTag in range of your ‌iPhone‌, but you have to wait for the firmware to roll out to your device. You can check your current AirTag firmware version through the Find My app, with instructions available in our how to.

Curiously, Apple started providing the prior 2A24e AirTags firmware on a rolling basis in November, but ultimately pulled the update before it saw a full launch. The new firmware released today replaces that version.

Article Link: Apple Releases AirTags Firmware Update
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Apr 1, 2008
Anyone have an issue where you bought an AirTag and then later after replacing the battery you get a notification on your phone “the owner of this AirTag can see it’s location.”? I’m the owner of this AirTag! I wonder if this update will fix it.


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Feb 1, 2014
"There is no word yet on what's included in the update"

I'm guessing it's more a question of what's been removed, ie functionality that makes it less useful to use for anti-theft, as part of the ongoing complaints of these being used to spy on ex partners.


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Nov 28, 2016
The new 2.0.36 was released instead of the pulled 2.0.24 firmware. On 16.12.2022 all the AirTags will be updated to 2.0.36. Now it is available to quarter of the AirTags.

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Jun 2, 2011
I wonder if the Airtags only receive the updates when i range of your own devices, or if they get the updates when out and about in the world? Potentially some pour schmo working in baggage handling would use gigabytes of data updating airtag firmwares (and probably flatten their battery at the same time...)
Doesn’t your idevice need to be on charge as well
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