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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has released a beta version of Safari 15, distinct from the Safari Technology Preview, for macOS Catalina, featuring the app's redesign that accompanies macOS Monterey.


The Safari 15 beta was first spotted by 9to5Mac, but contrary to reports that it is only available to download using the AppleSeed Program via an exclusive invite from Apple, the beta is in fact open to all users with a developer account.

Safari 15 is available in macOS Monterey, but users of the current release of macOS, macOS Big Sur, are able to explore the features of Safari 15 via the latest Safari Technology Preview, release 128. This new beta version, separate from the Monterey beta or the Safari Technology Preview, makes Safari 15 available for users of macOS Catalina.


Earlier versions of Safari 15 included a significant redesign that did away with the dedicated URL and search interface, instead allowing any individual tab to be used for navigation input. Tabs were also all arranged at the top of the display to minimize the space taken up at the top of a Safari window.

After a number of complaints about the new interface from users, macOS Monterey beta 3 made these design changes optional. Safari 15 also includes new features such as tab groups and a redesigned sidebar.

The Safari 15 beta and the Safari Technology Preview allow users of macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur to try the new design and features without needing to update their entire Mac's OS to a beta version of macOS Monterey.

Nevertheless, 9to5Mac reports that some users are also being invited by Apple to join the AppleSeed program to try a pre-release version of Safari 15 and provide feedback.

Article Link: Apple Releases Safari 15 Beta for macOS Catalina
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Unique Visuals

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Mar 17, 2007
In the woods
NO, No thank you Apple. Stop trying to fix problems that don't exist for the majority of the people. Im sick of having to drill down to find things that used to be right there where you needed them. At most make it an option for those that think this is better.

After reading many articles on other browsers that tried this appoach and failed. Why Apple?


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Feb 14, 2012
I’m going to need a new beta for iOS 15 and Monterey. This is is more broken by the minute.

Mr. Dee

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Dec 4, 2003
Really needing to know deep in my soul whether 15 will come down to Mojave.
I’m wondering the same. I’m keeping my 2015 MacBook Pro on Mojave for the foreseeable future for compatibility sake. Not that it’s a big deal, since there are other web browsers I can use if Apple decides to drop support. My Adobe CS6 is what’s keeping me on Mojave, but I recently got an old Dell 820D and I am thinking about moving the license back to Windows so I can keep the Mac updated.


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Jul 18, 2002
Change is hard. But change for the sake of change? I didn't see anyone posting that the Safari user interface wasn't streamlined enough. I'm willing to try new things but the new Safari design was too much at once.
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Feb 10, 2007
I just upgraded to Safari 15 on Catalina and I don't see any of the UI changes they've made on Monterey (yet the About box specifically says v. 15). Anyway, I think it's important to mention that once you install v. 15 Beta there's no easy way to downgrade to v. 14! (fix me f I'm wrong). I haven't run into any bugs yet but I wish I knew that before upgrading.


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Am I blind, or is there no link to the download in the article?

Edit: you need to log in as developer. The Safari 15 beta is for Catalina only, and the Technology Preview is for Big Sur. I like the new design. It's not that big a difference as other users cry about.
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Aug 2, 2012
Am I blind, or is there no link to the download in the article?

Edit: you need to log in as developer. The Safari 15 beta is for Catalina only, and the Technology Preview is for Big Sur. I like the new design. It's not that big a difference as other users cry about.
With either a free or paid Apple developer account, you can download Safari 15 Beta for macOS Catalina here:




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Oct 23, 2014
Does it have the new tab design or color title bars as an option?

Also does it install over the current Safari?


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Jul 10, 2012
Does it feature private relay too?
I want to know this as well.

if Apple don’t put:
- private relay
- hide my email
- authenticator
- Sign In with Apple
into Catalina I’m not going to be able to use my Mac anymore for online activity.

Also hope to see each of these things integrated into the Passwords sheets in the Settings App as the way these functions are scattered around in 4 places, none near the top level makes it near impossible to have an overview of each of these elements such that even for an advanced user like me found it clumsy and time wasting to navigate in and out to each section. Regular users will make mistakes, get confused and give up. The crap user interface design is do Balkanized that it will limit uptake and utilization.
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