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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released a new 13.2.1 software update for the HomePod, which comes a few days after the 13.2 update. Shortly after Apple's 13.2 HomePod software was released, complaints of bricked devices surfaced.

Multiple users complained that the update rendered their HomePods nonfunctional, locking it into a boot loop, especially after resetting the device or removing it from the Home setup after installing the update.


Apple pulled the 13.2 software after a few hours, and warned customers against resetting their HomePods or removing them from the Home app.

The new 13.2.1 version of the software presumably does not feature the same bricking issue, and its release notes are the same as the 13.2 update:
iOS 13.2.1 provides support for new ?HomePod? features:

- The ability for ?HomePod? to recognize the voices of different family members to provide a personalized experience
- Handoff music, podcasts, or phone calls by bringing your iPhone close to ?HomePod?
- Add music to your ?HomeKit? scenes
- Play relaxing high-quality soundtracks with Ambient Sounds
- Set sleep timers to fall asleep to music or Ambient Sounds
The new ?HomePod? software will be installed automatically on the ?HomePod?, but you can also manually update and check your software version by following the instructions in our HomePod software how to.

Customers who did install the 13.2 update and ended up with a bricked HomePod will need to contact Apple for a replacement unit.

Article Link: Apple Releases Updated 13.2.1 Software for HomePod After 13.2 Update Bricked Some Devices


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Sep 30, 2007
wow...this late at night. I was hoping some others would have tried. Nope. Not going first!


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Mar 29, 2008
I had 13.2 downloaded but NOT installed to my HomePods. After opening the Home app it now refreshed and says 13.2.1 ready to install. So that answers the question about whether it automatically downloads a newer update by itself.


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Nov 28, 2016
Downloading it now. Like the Apple Watch, it will probably take more than an hour to download and install 975MB so will report back then...
Mine started by saying 975 MB but then it change to 1.79 GB. That's why I'm here, to see which size it actually is.
Starting from 12.4 or whatever the last non-bricking update was.


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Jun 23, 2011
I had one on 13.2, but not delivering sound, just a confused Siri. Thanks to the warnings, I didn't attempt to reset it in an attempt to "fix" the issue. Now installing 13.2.1. Wish me luck.

Actually... finished as I was writing the rest of the post. Music and Siri work again. I'm not planning to reset or remove it to test whether the bricking issue has been resolved.

And I had one that stayed on 12.4. It maybe looked for the update just as it got pulled because it started the download but didn't finish. It just started an auto-update, but it's taking a lot longer to download and install.

[Update: it did not work with the Home app until I asked Siri to play music on it; then it was fine. After a power cycle, same issue, same fix. Same issue on the other HomePod. So AFTER powering up, you might have to talk to your HomePod to get it to respond in the Home app (tested with an iPad running 13.2). I'd bet on 13.2.2 coming out in a few days.]

In response to my sound checks, my son just said that he wants to write a song titled, "Hey Siri, stop." Probably been done.
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Feb 24, 2009
Mine is updated but won’t recognize my wife’s voice. Only mine. It asks “who is this” and then says she doesn’t know who my wife is. The setting is on in the home app on her phone. Any tips? Tried a restart already.
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