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Oct 28, 2015
Well I'm definitely getting one, along with the Pencil - it looks the perfect size for free hand graphics work. The keyboard I can probably live without.
Me too..I'm a musician and if you believe Tim Cook, it's a piece of glass,basically...What's gonna prove it's worth is not the hardware, bit the apps..I have a feeling we'll see an iOS explosion within the year...With 4 gig RAM you can bet developers will up their game..I think the 12.9 screen is a fantastic idea.(think Macbook 13' air...Yeah, I know it's encroaching upon the Air in price but for most of what we have to do, iOS does the job..So much easier than Macbook...I wish I could see just two yes into the future..


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Jan 22, 2007
iPad Pro combined with the Macbook. Runs iOS in keyboard-less mode. Runs OS X with keyboard (and,crucially, trackpad). Pricing starts at £900. Then I'm interested. Until then, I'm going to keep an eye on the Surface products and clones.

My ageing laptop is in need of replacing, and my tablet most certainly cannot replace everything I use it for no matter how many apps I install on it. However, a tablet is a very natural thing to use (for me, it is mostly for consuming content although I appreciate that many do create content on their tablet too).

Both tablets and laptops have a use, but it they can be successfully combined into one device that would be amazing. I have too many devices and chargers now.

For me, the Surface Book looks like it could be my next laptop/tablet but ideally it would have a USB and charging port on the tablet module as well as the keyboard module. Then it could be taken away for a weekend/holiday for half the bulk and weight.

I reckon the iPad Pro will sell well as people definitely have a need for the increased screen size and processing power, I just don't think it will match the runaway success/sales the iPad and iPad had at their peak.


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Jul 6, 2008
The technology in the iPad Pro will eventually make its way to the iPad Air and the iPad Mini within a couple of years. If the iPad Pro is not a success at least all iPad users will benefit from the improvement in features (and future apps) in future iterations of the iPad.


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Jun 9, 2014
Most people interested in Apples products don't really give a damn about the Surface Pro.

the younger ones and those without any desire to draw with the thing in any way other than a digital sketchbook, sure. but for the millions of us who grew up on apple using it to be professionals in an art/design/music capacity (who essentially kept apple going strong against MS in the 90s) - many are a bit disappointed knowing a better wacom-competitor tablet has been on the market for years now. apple could have stepped it up but they didn't, per their incremental update philosophy.. which is fine for most i admit.


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Oct 28, 2015
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That is not so great news for me. I am looking to save about $1000 on buying the iPad pro over a surface book. If it is constrained release, I will have to stay up late and do the preorder. I have been refreshing the MacRumors page daily on updates.

Sad I know. I am eager to replace my Surface Pro 3.


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Oct 31, 2013
Microsoft seems to be prepping Office for the iPad to be a solid attempt at re-creating the full desktop version. There's a huge part of me who really wants to give this thing a try as my mobile work machine (writing, email, web, social), but when I look at the price of the iPad, Keyboard, and the pencil (because I just think it's cool) I'm pushing the price of the 12" Macbook and 13 MacBook pro. It just seems like an incredibly blurry line when it comes to what you're paying for with this thing. You can't compare the dollars spent to the specs of the device, because that'll point you right to the laptops every time. So, the question: What makes the iPad Pro the choice over spending a few more bucks for a laptop? Is it the iOS 9 experience? The form factor?
It's weird, I really want this thing, but I'm not sure why?
I feel like this too, even though I know the drawbacks of iOS. Am busy trying to do as much as I can on a mini2 that I used to do on a mac to see how it scales and there is no reasonable answer. Office on mac or PC (which has a lot more features than mac) are better but not massively so, my main gripe is launching and returning to apps easily and using a workflow that allows easy transfer of data. Cloud is ok but not all apps work well with it.

Stylus in OneNote or Noteshelf is something else and in many ways I do prefer the touch interface. In summary, I have failed so far to do some 'real stuff' properly on iOS but it is not that far off and with the hopefully increased performance andf the pencil, it is getting much closer for me and I am looking forward to trying the Pro soon.


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Oct 28, 2015
ÜT: 41.065573,-83.668801
For me the driving motivation is not to deal with all the OS stuff. I can't do intense photoediting out on site, the files are too big and I have an iMac, but this is the perfect blend.

My experience with the surface pro3 has been that I really wanted a powerful and big table to do writing and some small things - not desktop things. I also can't wait for the 4 speaker sound. I use the iphone/ipad right now as a music/Netflix player and this should be killer.


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Apr 27, 2005
Sounds more like they are announcing the product's lackluster sales before they actually sell.

The iPad Pro, surprise-surprise, will not be a game changer, major seller, or special bon-bon for the entire tech market. It is definitely an expensive niche product only a few need or can utilize (aside from screen size). 99% of the market are fine with an iPad Air.

Agreed. Does anyone really think otherwise? A monster iPad that's not easy to port around. Not going to work for most people.


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Dec 8, 2011
The Air 2 debuted with iOS 8.

I expect that the Air 3 will support the Apple Pencil. Apple seems to have adjusted their product renewal cycle for the iPad to reflect a longer, more Mac-like replacement cycle.

Thanks for the correction. I meant iPad Air (original). I didn't even check out iPad Air 2 or iOS 8 after finding iOS 8 wasn't reversing course on the horrible iOS 7 design.
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