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Apr 12, 2001


ifoAppleStore reports that Apple has decided to pay out bonuses of $150 to its retail store employees who worked the iPhone 4 launch day, at least in the U.S. But there appears to be a catch: Eligible employees have to have worked at least 12 hours on that day, far in excess of the normal workday.
The company wasn't able to give store employees a free iPhone 4 back in June because of severely constrained supplies of the smartphone. However, the company did allow employees to reserve an iPhone 4 in the days before the launch, and pay with their own money. Apparently that gesture wasn't enough to stem some grumbling among store employees. Now, sources say, Apple will hand out $150 bonuses to those who worked at least 12 hours on iPhone launch day, which could presumably be used to help pay for a new iPhone.
It is unknown what percentage of retail store employees will qualify for the bonus, although it is likely that many of them signed up for extended hours on that day given Apple's need for an "all hands on deck" presence to assist with the crowds.

The report also notes that the bonuses will qualify as taxable income, reducing their final value by a significant amount. Had Apple been able to provide employees with "free" iPhones, however, they too would have been subject to tax on their value.

Article Link: Apple Reportedly Paying Out $150 Bonuses to Certain iPhone 4 Launch Day Retail Store Employees


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Aug 22, 2007
Wow, Apple takes care of their own employees just as good as they do their customers. NICE. :)


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Sep 16, 2009
While waiting in line at the SF Apple store, I overheard an employee telling a coworker that anyone who worked over 12 hours that day would get a $150 bonus. So the bonus was either for particular stores, or perhaps all stores.


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Nov 10, 2004
wow... a WHOLE $150 bucks. lame.

That's FAR from lame in the retail world. I remember working in a retail store way back when... they sure as heck didn't give away $150 bonuses... or bonuses of any kind for that matter. As a poor broke student at the time... $150 would have meant a LOT to me.


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Jun 15, 2010
East Coast
Heh, got 'whine'?

Well, let me explain ... they worked at least 12 hrs, and I believe they are mostly hourly employees, so they got paid for that? On top, they get $150.00 (Oh dear! It is not really 150.00 because it is taxable! What will we EVER do!?). Wait until they get into the professional circuit where you get paid for a 40 hour week whether you work 40, 60, or 80 hours. Don't like it, there's someone behind you who will take your job. 12 hr days can be a fairly common experience whent he push is on and NO, you do not get bonus' for that. That's the job.

Hey, I hate the white collar lie as much as the next guy and left jobs that exploit workers too much. But c'mon, people grousing about getting extra money after thay have already been paid for working a day when your company takes one of its biggest hauls? Cry me a river.

Unless, the money was to make up for dealing with sh(**y people in line. They deserve a mint for that ;-)


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Jun 17, 2009
Lincolnshire, England
That's FAR from lame in the retail world. I remember working in a retail store way back when... they sure as heck didn't give away $150 bonuses... or bonuses of any kind for that matter. As a poor broke student at the time... $150 would have meant a LOT to me.

I work for a large company in England and my bonus for the year was around 50 dollars....
And Apple don't owe them anything... In today's economic and joblessness(?) world, I wouldn't complain!


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Mar 3, 2005
Coralville, Iowa
This report is true. I have an unnamed friend and/or family member that will receive this bonus. To those scoffing at the bonus, the bonus in addition to the time and half overtime pay. The individual I know worked 16 hours, so he made a killing. He was very happy to do so because the payout was pretty darn good.


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Sep 15, 2006
I don't understand the negativity?

You're employed to work. You don't 'deserve' to get paid extra because it's a launch. It's your job to do what your employer tells you to do. If I was an employee I'd be thrilled to make an extra $150. Apple DOESN'T need to give them anything but they chose to.

I can't believe some would say "big deal $150" because for some of us every dollar counts and I bet you wouldn't be saying big deal and turning it away if you were getting it in your paycheck.


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Oct 26, 2007
Western North Carolina
The employees at my Apple store were fantastic on launch day. I'm glad to see them getting a bonus for all their effort. Several were out in the hot sun handing out free water, etc. for a good part of the day. Nice to see Apple taking care of their employees.


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Jul 28, 2003
Citizens Bank Park
In my full-time job, I get a yearly bonus that is much more. But doing some math, its less than $150 a day. Good for the employees and good for Apple. You need to take care of your employees just as much as you need to take care of your customers. Without one, the other suffers. I don't see how this can be a bad thing.


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Apr 14, 2010
Washington State
I work retail. 150 dollars is a helluva good bonus for us retail slaves, especially just for working long hours. My job the best they offer to non management is if you do some action they enter you into a drawing and one person in each district (that is multiple states) will win a free iPod. They'd never be so nice to give something of that value to any person who even sold so many items (at best it would be to who ever sold the most). Then again, my store doesn't sell such expensive items).
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