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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessories, according to the Apple leaker and prototype collector known as "Kosutami."


In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami explained that Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessories due to its poor durability. The company may move to another non-leather material for its premium accessories in the future.

Kosutami has revealed accurate information about FineWoven accessories in the past. The leaker unveiled Apple's plans to introduce new Apple Watch bands made of a "woven fabric material" over a month before they debuted, as well as matching iPhone cases. Kosutami also revealed the very first images of FineWoven accessories shortly before the event in which they were officially announced. MacRumors understands the source of this latest information regarding the cessation of production to be the same as these previous FineWoven rumors that were ultimately accurate, so it should be taken seriously until we know more.

Apple stopped selling leather accessories in September last year, replacing them with a more environmentally friendly "FineWoven" material that the company describes as "luxurious and durable microtwill" made from 68% post-consumer recycled polyester. FineWoven iPhone cases are priced at $59, MagSafe Wallets at $59, AirTag holders at $35, and Apple Watch bands at $99.

Accessories made of the material have been very poorly received by customers, citing poor durability and disappointing quality. FineWoven accessories in new color options were noticeably absent from Apple's spring refresh. If Apple has indeed stopped production of FineWoven accessories, it may be some time before the company's existing stock inventory begins to noticeably deplete.

Article Link: Apple Reportedly Stops Production of FineWoven Accessories
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Mar 22, 2019
Still don't get it why people don't just buy a $10 cover from a third party that lasts the entire lifespan of the phone. Is the Apple logo on the back of the case that important?
entire lifespan? No matter which cover I buy I have to change it every year just from pretty normal wear and tear from getting it in and out of my jeans and if you're talking about the plastic clear cases you have to change those every year because they get yellow (again no matter the brand).


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Feb 10, 2019
Great news! Please bring back the leather.
Not going to happen because that would be much more expensive, and it would even be more embarrassing than Apple quietly discontinuing a product.

Also, I wonder what the environmental impact differences between natural leather and whatever plastic Apple used when it comes to manufacturing these cases and their end of life at a landfill. I suspect natural leather would be much more environmentally friendly. I wonder if the plastic Apple used isn’t so bad because they designed it to deteriorate rather than around forever. That could be causing the durability issue, but that’s just speculation on my part. These cases might be just as bad as other plastic items.
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