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Apr 12, 2001

Several readers have pointed out that analyst Peter Misek has commented that Research In Motion (makers of the Blackberry) and Apple may partner to make an iTunes-compatible Blackberry. Misek has previously accurately predicted a partnership between RIM and Intel. The reports the following:

Such a deal would have huge merit because each company lacks what the other provides. RIM wants a firm foothold in the consumer market and Apple doesn't have a presence in the booming wireless data sector, he said.

The two might jointly develop a new device: Apple could create a cellphone combining its iPod music device with RIM's wireless technology, or RIM might embed Apple's iTunes music into a future BlackBerry, he speculated.

Senior executives at Intel have recommended that Apple work with RIM, Mr. Misek said in a research note.

The only other iTunes compatible devices other than the iPod is select cell phones by Motorola (ROKR, SLVR L7, RAZR V3i), which have seen extremely sluggish sales and high return rates. Rumors are also consistent (but with no firm release date) about Apple developing an "iPhone" that would be iTunes-compatible.


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Apr 12, 2005
Moorestown, NJ
the RAZR V3i / V3m were released stateside that might be a different story about the moto phones! I mean come on, candybar style is ugly especially in the ROKR's case! I don't think the blackberry will be any better in bringing mass-sales because of its market, they just need to release more attractive iTunes phones widely.


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Apr 13, 2006
What's the point of having iTunes on a blackberry. Apple should just do their own full feature Smartphone and be done with it.


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Jun 11, 2005
jaxstate said:
What's the point of having iTunes on a blackberry. Apple should just do their own full feature Smartphone and be done with it.

I think Apple is just gaining ground with select companies in hopes of developing thier own line of phones/smart phones. Hey, trade them the capability of iTunes and gain where you need it most UNTIL you can put together your own program riding on the backs of their technology and networks.

I can't wait for Apple's version to hit the streets and will not buy anything else without an Apple logo on it cause they will all probably turn out like moto's junk.


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Jan 7, 2003
Sydney, Australia
Apple + Blackberry = PocketPC rival

For a company that invented the PDA, Apple is leaving their re-entry to the Mobile market rather late. Microsoft has established PocketPC in the market, and now even Palm is using it. Linux has proven Unix can do it too. And if they can, so can Apple if they cut out Quartz in favour of something less graphics intensive, even X-Windows, as long as it has the same API. As we've seen, Apple has ported iTunes, and hence QuickTime, to Moto phones. Safari is lightweight and perfect for mobile devices. Opera has a niche there at the moment. It may be that Apple need to buy a company, like Research In Motion, to get a ready-made market and customer base, patents, technology, and engineers. They'd have the fruity-flavoured theme going for them. They could keep the Blackberry brand, maybe with a logo of a blackberry with a bite taken out of it. They could compliment each other well.


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Mar 12, 2006
Under the sun
Not personally interested- no blackberries for me, but I have some concerns- as someone else said- why will this be any better than the phones suffering from sluggish sales?


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Mar 17, 2006
awesome! but add a camera.

the hiptop is so much more an apple like product, its more fun. btu the blackberry has insane market penetration...and it works so damn well. apple should just make a phone, and license the RIM technology for push email...that way apple can piggyback blackberry plans.

hiptop phones are cheaper too.


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Dec 11, 2002
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bigandy said:
:rolleyes: except the blackberry is waaaaay to ugly to ever be an apple product..

The standard MP3 player was also way too fugly for Apple, but look what they did with the original iPod design. Surely they can up thye anti and redisgn the blackberry with an apple flavour...


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May 29, 2006
Fredericksburg, VA
Its nice to finaly see the blackberry coming out of its shell from a strictly business only PDA and something a bit more universal. I loved my blackberry to death, I had it about 2 years and it was phenominal but the lack of media and expansion options killed me. I made the switch to a Pocket PC w/ slideout keyboard and can definately say I'm much more happy with it as I can do everything I could from my berry + I can do far more. Built in camera, Windows Media Player, MiniSD slot, Internet Explorer (much better than the built-in BB brower), voice dialing, etc etc the list goes on.

Can't wait to see the first BB's with iTunes on em!


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Apr 21, 2003
Apple should just make iTunes clients for all phones - Java based - will work for anything. A symbian specific version would be good for Series 60 phones ( lots of market for Symbian ), and easily ported to UIQ.


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Dec 29, 2004
Not just another phone

Apple isn't the type to enter the market unless it has a category killer (like the iPod). It's probably waiting for wireless VoIP to take off before releasing the ultimate personal media/communications device. Then we might see .Mac morph into Mobile Me.


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Oct 24, 2002
Greenville SC
The ROKR is the only phone with sluggish sales ... the RAZR and SLVR are Motorola's best selling premium phones EVER. In fact, they have sold to a point where providers are offering them for free ... just 3 months ago the phones were $199 with contract.
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