Apple savings do not give UK educational discount


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Feb 25, 2011
Just bought an imac 27" with a university discount. This came with a free £65 mac store voucher although this cost was added to the bill. The only savings on the bill was £54.17, any idea what has happened? Has Vat somehow been applied to this wrongly? Or am I actually paying around £10 to actually get this 'free' voucher?


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Jun 11, 2007
The total value at the end is correct.

I think that becasue the gift voucher is subject to 0% vat, then the pre vat price is obviously still £65.

Then in the saving, it says a saving of £54.17 before vat. I think this is because it is calculating the hole basket with vat at 20%, therefore a saving of £65 with VAT at 20%.

eg for macbook pro.

£716.00 (ex Vat) 859.20(inc Vat)
£65.00 (ex vat) £65.00 (inc vat)

Basket Subtotal£781.00.
Free Delivery£0.00.
Savings (ex. VAT)-£54.17.
VAT £132.37.
Order Total£859.20.
Total savings (excl. VAT)£54.17

So the order total is correct.

They way to think of it is that you are paying full price for the card, but getting £65 including vat off the Mac. Which saves apple £54.17 but also means £10 ish is saved on their vat bill to the goverment.


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Nov 25, 2005
ah you are right, but I still think that the order of this bill is wrong. The savings should read £65 as this is also the cost before tax.
To you it makes no difference. But to Apple, it makes £11 difference. And to the tax office as well.

Apple let you save £65 after tax, which for you is the only relevant amount. If they gave you a free £65 card, Apple would have to pay the VAT of your full price MacBook. Instead they gave you a £65 rebate on the MacBook, so now Apple pays VAT on the price of the MacBook minus £65. So Apple pays 20% of £65 less to the tax office.

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