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Apr 12, 2001

French website Numerama interviewed three senior Apple employees about the new iPad Pro models that launched earlier this month. While the discussion did not reveal many new details, it did mention one potential change for future iPads.


While the Apple logo on the back of iPads is positioned so that it appears upright in vertical orientation, the devices are often used in landscape orientation with a keyboard attached, which results in the Apple logo appearing on its side. Apple even moved the front camera to the longer right-side edge on the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, so that it appears at the top-center when the devices are in landscape orientation.

With landscape usage becoming increasingly popular, Apple product designer Molly Anderson said a landscape Apple logo is a possibility on future iPads.

"I think it could change," said Anderson, per a computer translation of the French-language interview. "We are thinking about it. The iPad has long been a product that is used in portrait mode, but we are using it more and more in landscape mode."

On the software side, Apple already began showing the Apple logo that appears when an iPad is booting up in a landscape position starting with iPadOS 14.5, when the device is in landscape orientation. With Apple seemingly open to making the change on the hardware side too, it will be something to look for on future iPads.

Article Link: Apple Says Future iPads Could Feature Landscape Apple Logo
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I still like portrait. I'd be interested to know what % of iPad usage is done in landscape vs portrait.

It seems people liking portrait are a minority, seeing how recent iPad Pro reviews all celebrated the front camera moving to "the correct side", suggesting everybody uses landscape nowadays. It certainly is "the correct side" if you use a keyboard case, which many reviewers seem to do. Not sure about the general population though.

I personally use a 13" iPad Pro. No keyboard case, almost always handheld, one app at a time. Portrait orientation generally shows more content on the web. The 13" is large enough that websites can display in full-width in portrait, while offering a lot more vertical space than landscape would. And when you don't have an external keyboard, the on-screen keyboard takes a lot of vertical space as well.

A lot of apps also don't take full advantage of the full size of large iPads, feeling a bit like "blow-up phone apps" still. These apps seem to generally display content better in portrait, with landscape tending to have more useless whitespace / stretched out UI elements. For example, Apollo, one of my most-used apps, is like that.
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