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Apple Seeds Fifth Public Beta of watchOS 7 to Public Beta Testers


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Jul 25, 2016
Yup, I came to the same conclusion. Tried wearing my watch when I slept but had to take it off. Not to mention I had to charge it 3 times during the day so it would have enough juice to make it through the night. Then I got the low battery notification when I woke up.

Indeed, unless they give the next watch a monster battery, that is just unworkable as far as user scenarios go. And even then, it's quite bulky to keep wearing on your wrist.


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Nov 29, 2004
Toronto, ON
Ugh. This iOS and/or WatchOS update brought the return of bad iOS 13 behavior with the Apple Watch. I use a server side service that updates an iCloud calendar with an entry every 5 minutes to show blood sugar (Sugarmate app, plus Dexcom app). The reason is to get around Apple's restriction on how many times a complication can update a day, as it doesn't apply to the calendar control. Just create an appointment for now with the data you wish to display... voila.

iOS 13 had this odd behavior after 24 hours needing a restart of the phone in order for calendar events to start being visible again on the watch, even though the phone calendar app shows the appointment.

The iOS14 and WatchOS betas removed any need to restart the phone once a day. Worked like a dream for months. Until this last beta. Now the phone needs a reboot every 24 hours like it did on iOS 13.

I'll take a slight hit on battery if I can be assured I can have complication data be updated on my watch face every five minutes, 288 times a day.


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Jul 31, 2009
Sorry if this has been mentioned. but after upgrading to this beta, my battery life has been acting very strange. My Apple Watch Series 4 would just shut off, with about 15% charge left. And the only way to correct this is to charge it to the maximum.

Is anyone else having this issue? Thank you!


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Aug 18, 2009
Upstate NY
I guess that today is too late. Just installed the profile yet it won't show available download.

Never mind. Got it.
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I haven't been overly impressed with it, and in fact have stopped sleeping with my watch on. The only useful info I got from it was to see about what time I actually fell asleep after going to bed. Way back in the day I had a Jawbone tracker, which actually did a nice job of breaking down how I slept at night - as primitive as it was.
I like Sleep Tracker, you don't have to wear your watch if you don't want to or you can have a combination of the two methods.
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