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Apr 12, 2001

If you have ever complained about Siri on Twitter or likewise, your feedback could actually make its way to Apple executives.

Screenshot via /r/SiriFail

A recent Apple job listing seeks an engineering program manager to "monitor what the world is saying about Siri through social media, news, and other sources." This will include detecting "Siri issues that are going viral or otherwise trending" and reporting them to the Siri team and its leadership.

Based on user feedback, the employee will be required to provide recommendations for next steps on areas where the Siri user experience could be improved. The person will also work with Apple's marketing teams to ensure external information like Apple support documents are updated to clear up misunderstandings.

The employee will have a secondary responsibility of working alongside Siri software engineers to ensure the success of Apple marketing campaigns, press events, product announcements, and product launches involving Siri.

As noted by VentureBeat, which first discovered the job listing, the employee will be able to "drive rapid-response solutions," hopefully meaning the company will quickly address any trending issues before they become embarrassing headlines like the major FaceTime privacy bug unearthed in late January.

Any improvements to Siri would be welcomed, as the assistant is widely considered to have fallen behind its rivals Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Siri has already shown some signs of progress lately under the leadership of Apple's recently promoted artificial intelligence chief John Giannandrea.

Article Link: Apple Seeking Analyst to Monitor Siri Complaints Trending on Social Media


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Aug 11, 2016
Apple, 2019: "wait whaaat? people are disappointed with Siri and it's embarrassingly behind the competition? Huh, who would have thought. Let's hire someone to tell us JUST HOW MUCH people really do hate it."
Everyone, since 2014/iOS 8: "Wow, Siri is total garbage compared to the competition. Hope they fix this soon."


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Mar 25, 2015
This is a real job? SIRI is a mess...stupid as spit on a sidewalk on a hot june day. Just this weekend I finished the conversion of my primary home from siri to ALEXA. The other one is already all ALEXA. I am thoroughly happy with the result. I now have 6 homepods used exclusively for music.


Jun 22, 2007
It will be extremely hard (or slow) to improve Siri without Google-like data collection practices.
I do hope Siri to get better. The race is still early, and as good as Google assistant is, it's still not that good.

Also, I hope Siri can be multilingual, or at least have the ability to change the language easily (like the keyboard).


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Jul 9, 2008
"Bachelor’s degree in related field. Masters degree preferred. Communications or CS degree a plus."

What? I'd feel like a failure if logging complaints on social media was my job after getting a CS Masters degree. No offense to Apple that just feels way overqualified even if the job involves thousands of complaints, tracking legitimate ones and sending them through to engineering / leadership based on how viral they are after confirming validity.

Go to school for 6 years and track public bugs as a full time job. As an outsider, I guess I'm undervaluing just how much work this is.
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Jun 2, 2010
The fact that this job has to exist seems to be an admission by Apple that the ways they've been testing Siri internally don't mimic how normal people interact with Siri. They've finally realized something that most of us on this board have known for years.

As someone who also uses Google Home products, I'm amazed how I can sometimes say something to Google Home that doesn't come out exactly the way I meant to say it yet somehow, it manages to understand what I meant to say and it gives me the information I needed. Looks like Apple's trying to get there with Siri, too. I guess monitoring social media for screenshots of Siri screwups is one way to do that. It doesn't seem like a particularly efficient method, though.
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