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Apr 12, 2001

One of Apple's self-driving test vehicles was involved in a minor incident on September 27, according to a filing made with the California DMV [PDF].


The self-driving vehicle, which was operating in autonomous mode at the time, clipped a curb while going 13 miles per hour. There was no damage reported, but the car did require a realignment.
A test vehicle, operating in autonomous mode in Sunnyvale and turning right from Mathilda Avenue onto Del Ray Avenue, made contact with a curb at approximately 13 miles per hour. While there was no tire or wheel damage, the contact resulted in misalignment. No other agents were involved, no injuries were reported, and law enforcement was not called to the scene.
The incident occurred when the vehicle was turning right from Mathilda Avenue onto Del Ray Avenue, a location that is right near Apple's Mathilda Avenue location.

Apple's self-driving vehicles have been involved in several very minor accidents, but most have been caused by other drivers and while not in autonomous mode. This is the second event that has occurred where an Apple vehicle was being operated in autonomous mode.

Apple has been testing its self-driving software since early 2017, using the aforementioned Lexus RX 450h vehicles outfitted with sensors and cameras in the area around its Cupertino campuses. The work on autonomous driving is part of Apple's longtime car project, and rumors suggest Apple is planning to release a vehicle in the mid to late 2020s.

Article Link: Apple Self-Driving Car Needed a Realignment After Clipping Curb in Autonomous Mode


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Dec 10, 2015
Imagine if there was a kid there.
It said it hit the curb, not that it jumped the curb. It also clearly misidentified the curb, there's no indication that if a person was there the system would't have seen that.

But in any case, you can't what if this. What if it wasn't an Apple car but a distracted driver?

I'm too lazy to look up the data for car v pedestrian injuries per vehicle mile, or even a guess for how often someone hits a curb where someone *might* be, but my town just installed a traffic calming island near a school so it's safer for pedestrians to cross in front of human drivers. So no matter the scenario, autonomous cars are going to be safer than human-driven ones.


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Nov 1, 2017
So what's new? If you hit a curb hard enough, you can tweak or bend a tie rod end, a control arm, or other suspension or steering part, requiring an alignment and/or part replacement. Hit one hard enough and you can bend a subframe (yikes!) or cause an airbag deployment. On some ICE cars (like '90s era Fords) you can even trip an inertia switch (resettable) that could shut off the fuel pump and cause the car to stall.
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Dec 16, 2019
Apple should purchase Tesla. Give Elon his fortune so he can build more rockets to go to Mars. Hire Jony Ive to give the Tesla a redesign in Apples own image. Et voila!
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