Apple Shares Haulted

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    Here’s the 8-K.

    So they’re guiding to $5 billion below the bottom of the original revenue guidance range.
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    Apple's essentially saying this is mainly about China.
    --- Post Merged, Jan 2, 2019 ---
    This new guidance also suggest that Apple didn't buy a ****-ton of shares in the last quarter.
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    Apples market share in China was 6.7% at the end of 2Q 18. Cook is just blowing smoke. The iPhone and iPad pros aren’t selling as well across the board. If he was being truthful, then release the unit sales numbers and quit dinking around.
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    "haunted", "warnsnin", what are we talking about exactly?
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    If he (COOK) was being truthful ... he'd lower the exhorbitant pricing of the X, XS, XS Max and even the XR, 8, 7 remaining models.

    Absolutely strupid that Apple thinks these full retail prices over $1000 is sustainable. Something is going to give ... will it be Apple's Stock (we already know the answer to that; bye-bye 1trillion valuation), The Board members, or Cook (of who sits on the board but nobody's job is protected, not nobody, not nowhere, not now-how; unless your chief of military or a dictator/emporer or crown prince)!
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    He’s not lowering the price nor is he goi g to lower the GPM. (Only my opinion here). Not as long as other manufacturers sell phones over $1K.

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