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Apr 12, 2001

Continuing on with its World Cup-themed content, Apple this evening uploaded three new soccer-related videos in its popular "Shot on iPhone" series to its YouTube channel, showcasing iPhone-captured content from Australia, Japan, and Berlengas Island, off the coast of Portugal.

The first video, "The Heart of Australia," features Aboriginal girls playing soccer, while the second video, "The 'Wa' of Soccer," features a group of monks playing a soccer match in Yatsushiro City in Kumamoto, Japan.

The Heart of Australia. Finding happiness through soccer, Aboriginal girls embrace the sport to create new opportunities for themselves. We get a glimpse inside their cultural heritage and how the community preserves and celebrates its identity.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, the Ntaria people of the Arrernte nation and their elders past and present. We acknowledge the land on which we gather, Arrernte country.
The 'Wa' of Soccer. A soccer match is an embodiment of life's struggles in 90 minutes. A group of monks play to connect with the local community, keep fit, and respect the 'wa' -- the peaceful unity and conformity within a social group.
The third video highlights the Berlengas Island Cup, where two rival Portuguese soccer teams (Baleal vs. Peniche) travel the Berlengas Islands to play a game on neutral territory.

Berlengas Island Cup 2018. Rival teams refuse to play on the other's pitch. They agree to play on neutral territory, the Berlengas islands off the Atlantic coast of Portugal, seven miles from the mainland. The Berlengas Island Cup 2018 hosts Baleal vs. Peniche. It's a historic match to decide who is champion of the sea and soccer pitch.
All three videos, like other photos and videos in the "Shot on iPhone" series, were captured using an iPhone, though Apple does not specify which of its iPhones was used to make each video.

Apple has been running its "Shot on iPhone" campaign in various forms since the launch of the iPhone 6, relaunching it each year for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and most recently, the iPhone X. Apple's "Shot on iPhone" content spans videos, photos shared on various social networks, billboards, and more.

Article Link: Apple Shares Three New Soccer-Themed 'Shot on iPhone' Videos


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Oct 15, 2008
I'd really rather they spend marketing on assuring the pro users that they're working on things for them. The pro market is what made Apple.

A case could be made that the Pro market is what held Apple back all these years. The company only became really financially successful when it turned itself into a consumer-oriented gadget factory.


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May 20, 2011
I know you jest, but too many people in Australia would assume you're talking about Australian Rules Football, hence why it makes sense to call it soccer here. The same goes for American Football.

FWIW the term 'soccer', traditionally refers to 'Assocation Football' (as opposed to 'Rugby Football') and as much as my fellow Brits would be in denial about it, it's slang that was in wide use in England until the mid '90s. Football and soccer were used interchangeably. Soccer eventually fell out of general use.


Apr 29, 2009
Silicon Valley, CA
I'd really rather they spend marketing on assuring the pro users that they're working on things for them. The pro market is what made Apple.

The soccer fan market is about 50,000x the Mac pro market base, and that soccer fan market has been keeping Apple's lights on a lot more than money that pros spent 30 years ago. All those pros who supposedly "made Apple" didn't seem to mean much when it was circling bankruptcy, and the iPod and iMac were not geared toward them, but to people who actually DO provide money to cover a mortgage.
Deceiving masses to think they are Pro’s works better for TC.

Putting a capital letter at the beginning of the word pro doesn't make it an actual title, and either way a professional is no better than those unwashed masses that your comment seems to imply aren't worthwhile.


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Saying this is shot on iPhone is sort of like attaching a Mac Pro to the wing of an airplane and saying it's one of the turbines.

There's definitely some equipment being used that's more expensive than the iPhone itself to produce those videos. I'm not sure how much the lenses would cost (impressively wide angle without too much distortion), but I'm sure they used professional quality microphones as well that would cost a good bit.

I would imagine it's more of an inelegant Frankenstein solution to come up with pro video using an iPhone than using a standard high-end camera solution.

All this really shows is that modern smartphones, not unique to the iPhone, have fairly decent sensors when provided enough light. It's not representative of a final product a consumer using an iPhone would create.


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Aug 27, 2017
Silicon Valley
I've lived in the USA my entire life, and soccer is the only sport I watch. Sad that we didn't even quality this time, surprised cause our team was pretty good last time.
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Oct 24, 2014
Ad is misleading. No way the tracking of the vehicle at 1:36 is done on a mobile phone.


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Sep 23, 2007
Derbyshire, England
I love your English soccer. It’s so quirky! And you know how often you film each other doing the ‘keepie uppies’, ‘overhead bicycle kicks’ and other cliche ridden shots that you’re expected to see in these hackneyed, unimaginative and cashing-in-on-the-World-Cup-market promotions. I know when I walk around the park and see folks playing “soccer” how common is the sight of participants videoing each other on their phones. In fact I think that might be a round zero. Well Apple are right behind you with the fervent enthusiasm they always show for the sport for the remainder of the other four years until the next one. Cynical opportunism? Don’t be ridiculous. As if Tim would ever do tha... oh hang on ....
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Jun 25, 2009
Putting a capital letter at the beginning of the word pro doesn't make it an actual title, and either way a professional is no better than those unwashed masses that your comment seems to imply aren't worthwhile.
You seem to confuse Apple’s marketing terms with my quotation (which illustrates your perspective)


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Jun 18, 2014
There is no way this has been shot with an iPhone. There isn't a lens on the market, suitable for iPhones, that could produce such close-up shots without distortion, nor such a good dynamic range. These scenes are likely shot with a professional camera and the rest with an iPhone.


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Dec 20, 2017
I like the video in Berlengas Islands thanks but I’d rather have Apple Pay, the HomePod and an official Apple Store here...
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