Apple Shelves Plans for Apple Pay in India After Facing Regulatory Issues and Technical Hurdles


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Jan 13, 2014
India is not a joke. If Samsung and Google can launch Samsung Pay and Google Pay, then why can't Apple. Apple will only bow down to their masters in China. They will obey them without question. Google Pay has millions of users in India. GPay and SPay are accepted almost everywhere in India. Apple says that it respects other country's law. It truth, they don't. One more reason not to buy Apple in India.

STOP lying. This govt is 100 times better than the corrupt UPA govt. India has reached to new heights under this govt. Business is thriving here in India.

Have you visited India at least one? You believe in false propaganda those westerners show you. Take a look at some videos on YouTube how great India is. Shall I provide you links?
You’re really funny.

Google pay everywhere? Ok go to Vapi and try using it at a Kirana store. Heck try using it at a Kirana store in Bombay.
I get if you're from India, you will defend your country tooth and nail, but the fact is India is not a country I would invest my money in given any chance.

I have many friends from India too, having worked with colleagues in India for many years in Hyderabad. There are good and bad things about any country and I agree the UK has a very black past; But we live in the present and we're talking about present situation.

India wants to pretend to be a superpower, but frankly, it's simply not. Technology companies pile huge sums of cash into the country for cheap labour, but it's not for commercial buying power. Over 80% of Indian's probably couldn't afford an iPhone or piece of Apple equipment without getting into crippling debt.

And on the topic of cheap labour, this is a turning tide.

As I mentioned earlier, I worked many years with developers based in India and while they were all lovely people and some of the times we had going out and enjoying food and drink were marvellous, working with them was a nightmare. The coding quality was the poorest I've ever had. Projects were continuously late and under-delivered with items de-scoped and handled in a poor way. In short, as a product owner, it was impossible to deliver a successful project.

On top of this, we had numerous problems with intellectual copyright theft, fake qualifications and just a dreadful attitude to work. The Indian team leads I worked with however were incredibly competent and very smart people who spent the day constantly pulling their hair out in despair and they just wanted to get out and work in another place; But they all loved their country and damned right they should. The point is, multinationals are pulling out as fast as they rolled in.

However the facts are plain and simple. India is a very corrupt, difficult place to work and however you want to perceive GPD numbers, economic stats, and YouTube videos, any person who's worked there will tell you exactly the same.
Although I partially disagree with you the fact remains that the GDP figures have been really distorted by the current government.
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