Apple Store App Gains Postmates Integration With Same-Day Delivery

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    Apple is now offering same-day delivery of certain products in its Apple Store app, through a partnership with Postmates. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Apple Store app is offering a same day delivery option on products that are available in local Apple Stores.

    For example, ordering an Apple TV in the San Francisco Bay Area results in a four-hour same-day delivery window, as does an order for a Lightning cable. In some areas, like San Francisco, delivery turnaround times are as fast as an hour, but for some products, delivery times can take up to a day.

    Customers who have Postmates delivery options available to them will see same-day delivery options listed whenever they search for a product that is available for purchase in a nearby Apple Store. After an order is placed, the Apple Store app offers live tracking options that let customers know where an item is and track it as it progresses from the Apple Store to the delivery location. The app also delivers notifications with estimated delivery times and tracking information.

    Customers who do not live in an area where Postmates delivers will not see same-day delivery options for Apple products, instead receiving only standard shipment delivery times without an option for Courier Delivery.

    Apple products have long been available for order through Postmates' own iOS app, but this is the first time that Apple's offered same-day delivery on orders in its own Apple Store app. Delivery price varies depending on location and the distance that needs to be traveled to transfer an item from the Apple Store to your doorstep. In our location in the South Bay, the delivery price was $19 regardless of what was ordered.

    Postmates operates in several major U.S. cities, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, San Diego, Orange County, Portland, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Charlotte, but it appears that Postmates deliveries for Apple Store app orders may be limited in scope for the time being, available only in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Update: We received our Postmates Apple Store order within 35 minutes, much faster than the four-hour delivery estimate. According to our delivery driver, Apple's partnership with Postmates is brand new, with Postmates deliveries from the Apple Store app kicking off today.

    Article Link: Apple Store App Gains Postmates Integration With Same-Day Delivery
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    Dial *3001#12345#* and hit “Call”
    Now hold down the Power button until the “Slide to Power Off” message appears,
    Then release the Power button and hold the Home button until Field Test quits
    Tap the signal bars or signal numbers to switch between the two

    its not a jailbreak you can do it on any iPhone
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    Dec 6, 2012
    Does this work with the Watch?


    I will leave now thanks.
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    Aaannnnddd now the thread has been hijacked by a phone mod rather than the original story.

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    These delivery rates are expensive. eBay now and Google Shopping Express are cheaper. eBay now is also faster, generally within an hour.

    Google Shopping Express does have a problem with shipping times, if you order day before you can get a window. Day of is generally sold out.
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    $19 for same day delivery?

    Guess I'll be sticking with Amazon.
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    OMG.. I just ordered an Apple Watch 42mm link bracelet and it said shipping within 35 mins - just kidding.
  12. DocPenguin, May 27, 2015
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    No go in NYC

    On the bright side, we do have Amazon Prime Now here, so I get free 2 hour delivery on a whole lot more than just Apple stuff :)
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    Oct 21, 2014
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    For a second I thought that said "Promotions" and I was thinking "A sale? Directly from Apple!?" :eek:
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    $19 is kinda high . Though that is for the customer to decide how quickly they want it .
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    Maybe this will be incentive enough for Amazon to switch over to a better shipping company. They use Ontrac mostly for same day and local deliveries where I live. Ontario is the crappiest of the crap delivery companies I have EVER had the pleasure of dealing with. Same day deliveries that come two days later, deliveries that never come, lost mail, a customer service center located in the seventh level of hell. Seriously, someone set this company on fire.
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    Seems like it's almost same hour delivery.
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    I do not see the option here in Boston.
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    They use one around Boston called lasership, which is equally as bad.

    I don't think postmates is quite the same thing though.
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    I'd rather pay $19 than try to find a parking spot at the Valley Fair mall where the pictured Apple Store is. Seriously.

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    Hey, they don't call it "instant gratification" for nothing! 35 minutes is absolutely insane. I guess this is where the future of retail is going. Best Buy and those types better up their game!
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    Just avoiding getting off the freeway exits there would be enough to warrant that.
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    A U.S.A.-only feature from Apple?

    I'm flabbergasted.
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    A brand new feature that is likely initially being tested out and is only available in some geographic locations (and not even close to even a single country) that are mostly related to where the third-party that is involved operates? What a completely new and surprising concept that is just so odd and horrible!
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    Yes, that too.

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