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Apr 12, 2001

Apple suppliers are positioning to manufacture and assemble the company's long-rumored electric vehicle (EV), according to a report from DigiTimes.

Apple Car concept render by Vanarama based on patents filed by Apple

The report claims that Foxconn, the colossal manufacturer behind most iPhone models, and Luxshare Precision, the assembler behind Apple devices such as AirPods, are angling to produce Apple's car. Foxconn has moved into EV manufacturing and last year unveiled a chassis and a software platform to help carmakers bring models to market faster. Meanwhile, Luxshare is collaborating with Chinese automaker Chery to build EVs.

According to industry sources speaking to DigiTimes, while Apple is unlikely to work with Foxconn and Luxshare immediately, the suppliers are positioned to play a key role in Apple's future vehicle plans. South Korea's Hyundai and Canada's Magna International are said to be best placed to partner with Apple initially and can provide better manufacturing expertise and infrastructure than Foxconn or Luxshare Precision. Both Hyundai and Magna have been at the center of plausible Apple car rumors, and Hyundai has even publicly confirmed its discussions with Apple.

Instead, Foxconn could gradually build up its presence in Apple's vehicle supply chain over time by leveraging its existing relationship with the company, its newly-developed EV platform, electronic component manufacturing capabilities, and experience from collaborations with automakers like Stellantis and Fisker.

Apple is expected to need to manufacture cars for the China market almost entirely in China. For example, Apple cars for the United States market are likely to have batteries supplied by South Korea's LG, SK On, or Samsung, while Apple cars for the China market are likely to be supplied by China's CATL and BYD. Luxshare is said to be closely in alignment with Apple's EV manufacturing needs for the China market and is reportedly preparing for the vehicle's debut in the country.

The sources also said that it is too early to assume that Apple has finished designing its EV and carried out road testing. Reuters believes Apple is aiming to begin production on its car in 2024, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes it will be 2025 to 2027 at the earliest before the vehicle is ready for launch.

Article Link: Apple Suppliers Envisioning Long-Term Apple Car Supply Chain


Sep 11, 2018
I am still not convinced the Apple Car exists or will ever exist. Sketchy rumours are just that. The pictures we have seen of the sensor-laiden vehicles Apple has been driving around are likely part of the R&D process into future hardware developments elsewhere, eg LiDAR likely found its way into the iPhone and iPad based on research from those cars.


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Jun 23, 2003
Bath, UK
Every single day that passes, another car manufacturer designs and releases a proper EV, packed with cool tech. This self-driving thing is a red herring (at least in the immediate future). Just build a great, stylish EV and get on the bandwagon. As ever, Apple is overthinking and overcomplicating it. By the time it comes to market (if it ever does), their slice of the potential audience will be tiny, ’cos everyone will have already bought one!


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Sep 8, 2011
I still don't think Apple will build an actual car. Rather, they'll release car platform of sorts. An OS with software APIs and custom silicon that other car companies can use. Apple can supply all the smart hardware (the SoC, the sensors, the software, etc.) without taking on the risk of building an actual car. Sort of like Sony's VISION-S project - the point is to become a proprietary supplier without doing any of the messy bits.
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