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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today send out invites for a surprise media event that's set to be held on Monday, December 2 in New York City, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Invitation image via Lance Ulanoff

According to the media invitations, Apple will be honoring its "favorite apps and games of 2019." There is no word on just what that means, and as Apple has never held a similar event, we don't know what to expect. Apple does, however, always share its year-end favorite apps and games, during the first few days of December, so it sounds like this year, the content will be unveiled during a full event and awards ceremony.

Apple's best of the year content offerings highlight games, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more, with last year's announcement focusing on content that shaped entertainment and culture around the world.

It's not clear if any hardware will be introduced at the event, but it seems unlikely given the clear wording of the media invites. We're still expecting Apple to release the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR in December, so there could be a mention of an official launch date, but beyond that, no more hardware refreshes are rumored for this year.

Article Link: Apple to Hold Media Event on December 2 'Honoring Favorite Apps and Games of 2019'
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Nov 3, 2015
This is so weird. They’re doing an App Store event now that the App Store is basically taken for granted? I mean like sure it’s good but aside from some speciality stuff you get the same experience across devices.

I’m guessing they have got to be launching net hardware of some kind. Maybe they’re doing it like some sort of awards show like the Game Awards? But there’s no voting so it’s just decided by Apple?

mom hoping they announce an A13 iPad since I do not want to wait until Spring for one with an A13.

I imagine they might also beshowcasing new apps from Procreate or Affinity.
All I really want is a new iPad Pro though.


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Jun 7, 2007
Final Cut Pro for iPad....
Been waiting for this since iPad was introduced but seems more like pro move they would save for WWDC. If anything, it looks like Apple is trying to become the event and awards standard for interactive content. They could easily be spearheading the Academy Awards of all apps a few years from now.
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